Lilies Of The Valley Flowers - Floral Bed Set.

Lilies Of The Valley Flowers

lilies of the valley flowers
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  • Lilies is the last album to date by Arovane.
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lilies of the valley flowers - Lucite Tulip
Lucite Tulip / Lily Of The Valley Flower Bead Caps Matte Frosted Crystal 6x10mm (12)
Lucite Tulip / Lily Of The Valley Flower Bead Caps Matte Frosted Crystal 6x10mm (12)
Extremely Lightweight. Vintage Style Lucite Flowers. 6x10mm Tulip / Lily Of The Valley. Matte Frosted Crystal. Quantity: 12 Flowers. Lucite (plastic) is formed into delicate Tulip / Lily Of The Valley flower beads. A small hole is drilled at the top center of each flower, making it simple to layer with larger or smaller petals and flowers. Each flower measures , 10mm Wide, and 6mm Depth. Material is approximately 1mm thick. These flowers are rigid and will not bend. Hole in center has an approximate diameter of 1.5mm. Quantity: 12 Lucite Flowers

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lily of the valley
lily of the valley
Tiny white bells nestled amongst the leaves... Lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers! They are so delicate and sweet-smelling! <3
Lilies Of The Valley
Lilies Of The Valley
A magnificent border of lilies bloom along the edge of this field in a valley in Lebanon, NY.

lilies of the valley flowers
lilies of the valley flowers
Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Mojave Lily Earrings
Bloom into spring no matter the season with these dusty pink-colored Mojave Lily earrings! Oval cabochons of natural rhodochrosite gems are featured as beautiful desert blossoms. The jeweled lily's petals are fashioned from a striking sterling silver floral design, delicately framing the polished stones. These desert lily earrings feature silver leverbacks and measure approximately 1-1/2" W x 3/4" L. Proudly made in New Mexico, USA with fair labor. We do our part for the environment by handcrafting our jewelry from recycled genuine sterling silver.