Fuschia Bouquet

fuschia bouquet
  • Fuchsia ( ) is a genus of flowering plants, mostly shrubs, and can grow long shoots, which were identified by Charles Plumier in the late 17th century, and named by Plumier in 1703 after the German botanist Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566). The English name fuchsia is frequently misspelled fuschia.
  • a dark purplish-red color
  • Common misspelling of fuchsia
  • A characteristic scent, esp. that of a wine or perfume
  • an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
  • An attractively arranged bunch of flowers, esp. one presented as a gift or carried at a ceremony
  • An expression of approval; a compliment
  • a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
  • The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine.
fuschia bouquet - Antique Silver
Antique Silver Fuschia Crystal Flower Bouquet Brooch
Antique Silver Fuschia Crystal Flower Bouquet Brooch
This season's huge look of "Jeweled Brooch" perfect accessory for added dazzle as seen in "Elle" fashion magazine. Pile them on to your wardrobe of feminine boucle fringed blazer, silk and lacy camisole tops, flounce skirts, soft suede, luxe leather, textured tweeds and cozy corduroy. This impressive Antique Silver Fuschia Flower Bouquet Brooch is covered with sparkling crystals in hues of pink and fuschia, and crafted in antique silver finish for a vintage touch. Plus, a rotating clasp fastens to your clothes for a reliable fit. Fashion at a fraction of retail price. Looks like a million bucks!

87% (9)
Hand-tied bouquets have been very popular the past few years, but if you want something a little different, consider having us (Something Floral/Something Spectacular) design your bouquet in a pretty tussy mussy. The silver tussy mussy we used for this design comes with a floral patterned stand so you can easily display your bouquet on your head table, cake table, or any other flat surface.
Happy Sunday Bouquet
Happy Sunday Bouquet
Please, forgive the background. Lighting this morning was difficult everywhere I tried. I've got some tall mexican sage(,Salvia leucantha), some Chinese forget-me-nots( Cynoglossum amabile which I'm really not letting go to seed), fern-leaved lavender( Lavandula pinnata) and hardy fuschia (I have no idea the name). There is some stachys lurking behind.

fuschia bouquet
fuschia bouquet
Fuschia Geometric Flower Bouquet Wooden Earrings
This gorgeous Fuschia Geometric Flower Bouquet Wooden Earrings has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Fuschia Geometric Flower Bouquet Wooden Earrings is truly remarkable.

Fuschia Geometric Flower Bouquet Wooden Earrings Details:

Condition: Brand New
Item SKU: SS-GT-1312-F
Dimensions: H: 1.8 x W: 1.5 ()
Crafted with: Multi-Layered Wood; Nickel-Free, Silver-Plated Surgical Steel
More Information: Wide variety of colors to select from. Pieces are custom made to order.