Boys Before Flower Ep20 : Coalport China Flowers : Flower Pendant Lighting.

Boys Before Flower Ep20

boys before flower ep20
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One boy, one bike, one puppy...
One boy, one bike, one puppy...
I was on a chopper flying low across this area of Afghanistan. We were going pretty fast, faster than usual it seemed, and I was attempting to take pictures out of my dirty, dusty window. The crew chief wouldn't let me open my window! :-( I took a few shots and as we banked hard left, I turned around and sat with my back to the window looking at everyone's faces sitting directly across from me. About 10 different nations were represented in one helicopter. I found it interesting that we were all here for one reason alone – money. Not for the betterment of Afghanistan or the Afghan people, but for monetary gain. Yes, I fell into the same boat. I realized months ago that this whole mess of a war is nothing but a huge scam on the world pulled off by corporate earth. So much is wasted, lost, stolen, bartered, bribed and swindled away every single day - millions upon millions of world citizen tax payer dollars every single day. I thought about the chopper crashing into the Afghan moon dust below and couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, were we, the passengers of this aircraft any different than the greedy, fat-cats sitting up lofty in high-rise corporate offices pulling in more money than all of us passengers make in a year combined? We were just a lower class of corporate earth; the gears attached to the stick-shift of a huge war machine being manipulated as only a few see fit whithout a care for those truly suffering and in need of help the most... And while this was going on, one little Afghan boy with his bike nearby was kneeling down with his puppy, oblivious to it all…
Boy in Chaghcharan hospital. Photo by Tomas Balkus of Lithuania.

boys before flower ep20