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Kids Foam Furniture

kids foam furniture
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kids foam furniture - Black Kid's
Black Kid's Sofa Chair Sleeper Foam Furniture
Black Kid's Sofa Chair Sleeper Foam Furniture
Seating Dimensions: 38"L x 25"W x 19"H
Sleeping Dimensions: 54"L x 38"W x 16"H.
Finish: Black
Material: Poly-Cotton and Polyurethane Foam.
Kid's Sofa Chair Sleeper
Make your child*s room the coolest room in the neighborhood.
Our Children*s Sofa Sleepers add an expressive touch to their room and it provides comfortable functions.
Your child can use it as their personal sofa to read, watch TV, study and more.
Or, they can convert it into a sleeper for naps or sleeping.
Their friends will love to use it during overnights and slumber parties.
Its modern design makes it cool.
Item is lightweight for easy handling
Recommended for ages: 1 to 6 years old.
Item is Made in USA.

86% (7)
Convention Center - Baghdad - 2003
Convention Center - Baghdad - 2003
15 May 2003 Baghdad Executive Council Meeting at the Convention Center General Strock and an Iraqi co-chair the gathering of an impressive dozen or so Iraqis from various Ministries, along with their “Coalition’ counterparts. Major Gerald and Dr. Ali Sae’ed Sadoon are there but the meeting starts before we can talk. I’ve yet to be introduced to Dr. Ali. General Strock emphasizes that the purpose of this meeting is to share information and coordinate reconstruction activities between the Ministries. He notes the importance of the Iraqis taking the lead in this effort. An Iraqi interpreter translates his remarks into Arabic, but it’s obvious from the immediate reactions of many Iraqis in the room that most can understand English. The ORHA (Organization for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance) public affairs officer speaks of establishing an all-Iraqi run and organized radio, TV, and newspaper effort to communicate to the people within Baghdad. A twice a week publishing of an Arabic language newspaper with a circulation of 100,000 is projected to be established within a week. An Iraqi notes that the Iraqi people now mistake freedom with anarchy. She suggests that they will need time to educate the people that laws and regulations still apply. “Freedom does not mean that you can do whatever you like”. (My mind easily recalls lessons from pop culture. Right now I’m hearing in my mind the old rocker, Janis Joplin, singing “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”) The Minister of Education says that there are 5-1/2 million students in Iraq. Stability will be represented when schools are open, he says. He continues to say that 65% of the schools in Baghdad are open now, and projects that by the end of the week it will be 100%. The schools may be opening, I’m thinking, but how many kids are showing up? The Iraqi Police Chief stands to address the group. His holster is noticeably empty of its pistol. (All of the Iraqis were subject to a search and metal detector at the entrance to the building. I just flash my I.D. badge, American face, and walk in.) The Police Chief speaks in Arabic. I have no idea what he is saying until it’s translated, but his manner, his body language is rife with dismissal, if not contempt. The translator says, “Security is degrading. The Police do not have forces in place. Police patrols started only on May 4 but they are very small in number. The Police have only 50 vehicles for all of Baghdad; 25 for each shift of 12 hours. Over 750 vehicles have been lost”. No wonder he seems pissed off; 25 cop cars for a city of 5-1/2 million people and in a war climate? The Iraqi representative for the Ministry of Education says, in perfect English, “ Girls High Schools should be a security priority. There is a great need to change the image of Saddam’s police. The police still have that image to the Iraqi people. He continues, “We must collect weapons from gangs and looters. Police in schools will be rejected by Iraqis, by tradition. There is only a need for checkpoints nearby schools. We don’t want vigilantes providing security”. In an interesting twist, the Iraqi interpreter now provides a translation of the Iraqi’s remarks in Arabic. But again, watching those present, I see that most can easily understand the English version. One person even added clarification to the translation. An Iraqi woman speaks, in English, of the important role in Iraqi society of the teachers. But, she notes the teachers are staying away from the schools due to security concerns. She claims knowledge of 14 kidnappings. The police chief speaks up, in Arabic. The interpreter, working hard to listen and speak in both Arabic and English, translates his remarks as “Those kidnappings are only rumors”. This produces a back-and-forth argument between the woman and the police chief about the “facts”. Any preconceived ideas that I had about Iraqi women being kept in their place were replaced by this very animated exchange. Also, I got the feeling that she didn’t gain this propensity to speak out recently. She had the air about her that this was quite normal. The woman says that a car was forcibly stopped and a 17-year old was kidnapped and ransomed for one million Dinars. (About $700 U.S. at 1,500 Dinars to the dollar.) A broader discussion ensues with questions on “How to report crime?” “This was brought up 2 weeks ago with Garner.” “We need a place to report that has a working telephone.” “The people don’t trust the police. They are seen as part of Saddam’s regime”. The gathering is very animated over this issue as a number of people speak in turn: “There are two such posts now”. General Strock, “ More must be established with communications capability”. “We need 48 posts in Baghdad to report incidents”. “The police don’t trust their Iraqi leadership, and they haven’t been paid for two months”. An interesting comment coming from the police
Our Newest Creation
Our Newest Creation
Introducing our newest line of furniture!! These are modular pieces of furniture designed for floor seating. the line is comprised of two sizes, one for kids and one for adults, there is also a daybed version and a lounge as well as a two directional seater... has to be seen to be appreciated. these are made up of 70 % recycled foam, recycled wool and recycled leather cover. the covers are removable. we love them and they really are the most comfortable seating we have ever made.

kids foam furniture