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furniture importers
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furniture importers - Solana Humidor
Solana Humidor
Solana Humidor
This is a great humidor - has a high gloss finish over real rosewood - has an accessory drawer with an exterior mount hygrometer. This is a beautiful Cigar Humidor and is really priced to move - you will not find a better deal anywhere - that I can guarantee. Holds up to 100 Cigars 1 Large Rectangle Humidifier 1 Glass Hygrometer with Brass Frame 1 Spanish Cedar Tray with Divider 2 Dividers at Bottom Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar Gold Plated Lock & Key with Tassel, Hidden Quadrant & Piano Hinges Brass Inset Handles Felt Lined Accessory Drawer Engraveable Brass Nameplate High Gloss Rosewood with Exquisite Wood Inlay Capacity : 75 Cigars ..Inside Dimensions : 12 3/8 X 5 X 8

88% (10)
Goldenteak Teak Marlborough Lutyens Set and Teak Dining Set
Goldenteak Teak Marlborough Lutyens Set and Teak Dining Set
Goldenteak also offers a Lifetime Warranty on its teak outdoor furniture. We can do this because we are confident of our quality and our manufacturing. We have been in the business for over 12 years, and are happy to report that there have been no warranty claims. We are a Direct Importer and distributor. That means there are no middleman markups, allowing you to obtain Premium Quality Teak Outdoor Furniture at very reasonable prices.
Batinau Design Group
Batinau Design Group
Batinau Design Group is a furniture importer and distributor whose target market is Interior Designers in the United States. This website is designed to be a sales and marketing tool to highlight the exquisite furniture lines distributed by Batinau. This website is completely database driven allowing the owners of this website to maintain its contents without the help of a website designer.

furniture importers
furniture importers
AZ Importer MiniCam Mini Key Chain Camera
Smart Mini Digital Camera not only can take photo but also has the built-in PC camera functions. This camera is equipped with a 16Mbit built-in ROM; if you want the digital photo in the camera to be downloaded into the computer you are only required to connect the USB cable; and if you want to use the built-in PC camera functions you can hold the video conference via the Internet to have a face to face online chat with others.Product Features: Electronic Coupling Element: CMOS Sensor 100K Pixels Image Resolution: 352 x 288 Pixels (CIF) 176 x 144 Pixels (QCIP) Memory Device: Built-in 1 x 16 MB (SDRAM) Memory Capacity: 20 pieces (CIF) 80 pieces (QCIP) Lens: f=3.6mm F2.4(54) Auto self: 10s Continuous: 10 pieces per seconds Shutter speed: 1/6-1/15000 seconds Shoot mode: Single/continuous photography/automatic shoot/pc camera Automatic energy saving: Automatically enter the energy saving mode in 30s Image process: Automatic exposure/automatic white balanceSystem Requirement: microsoft win98/ME/2000/XP Operation System 125MB or above free hard disk space 32MB or more ROM Usable USB Interface and CD-ROM Color Monitor (suggest at least 800 x 600 24 mega-character or above)