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buy clearance furniture
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buy clearance furniture - Prepac Monterey
Prepac Monterey White King Bookcase Headboard
Prepac Monterey White King Bookcase Headboard
The versatile Monterey Bookcase Headboard features three compartments which provide ample space for bedside reading material, alarm clocks, and other necessities. Contemporary in design and style, it will be the perfect addition to a bedroom with a country, casual or transitional decor. Features: Includes headboard only Designed to fit a king sized bed Headboard features high quality, laminated composite wood product construction with attractive profiled MDF (medium density fiberboard) tops and moldings. Headboard has a white finish Bookcase headboard is 11" deep. The central compartment has an adjustable shelf. Constructed from a combination of high quality, laminated composite woods, with attractive profiled MDF tops and moldings. Ready to assemble Specifications: Overall dimensions: 43" H x 82" W x 11" D

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Home Studio Theater Area (Work in Progress)
Home Studio Theater Area (Work in Progress)
It's taken a long time for me to put together everything seen here. Just a little over 4 months. Travels to Ikea out of state... assembly, delivery and all that goodness. Not to mention endless research on the items purchased for what I want but also the money to get it all. It's still a little messy and far from complete but I'm happy with my progress so far. Next big upgrade(s) are for new speakers to arrive from Amazon (I decided to go with Cerwin Vega and stick with Stereo instead of the madness of 7.1 channel audio) so the Marantz has something more powerful to drive. The Oppo BDP-80 will do the task of down mixing the surround sound audio so it will all work out well in the end. Plus, I listen to far more music than I watch TV.... so it'll be nice to shake the ground a little. Debating if I should even really bother with a vinyl ripper at this point... as I'm sure I'll prefer the SACDs instead. Aside from a few canvas pictures I want to get (some are already above but not in the picture), some organizing on the bookshelf and the addition of a few more components, this section will be done soon.
Sunday Best Chair - Ghost Furniture
Sunday Best Chair - Ghost Furniture
This elegant little chair was found in a Country House clearance. Small enough for a child and beautifully proportioned. The Girl's Sunday Best Hat came from an old Hat Shop in France that was being cleared and it was found in an old storeroom, it dates from the 1920s. We bought 7 of them so watch out for more. The hat has been stiffened and finished in the same colours as the chair - Taupe and Copper. The taupe paint was found in Paris and is the best matt finish ever, the chair was then treated with Ghost’s special smooth wax finish. A new seat was made and covered in a vintage herringbone Russian Linen. This linen gets better with age becoming soft and tactile. The Hat is fixed to the chair as if waiting for the owner to pick it up and put it on for Sunday Best.

buy clearance furniture
buy clearance furniture
Clearance Item Black Halloween Diavolo 4 Devil Venetian Mask
Hand made HALLOWEEN VENETIAN MASK in Venice, Italy is a genuine handcrafted product of Italy. Also, this unique and hand crafted mask is designed to be hung as a wonderful wall decoration. It will be a point of interest for all. The venetian mask has a tag of authenticity. Of course, Venice Buys purchased this mask at the artist's studio. This mask has a glossy black paint face with glossy deep red cheeks with raised eyebrows. The eyes are accented with red and black glitter in a star like fashion. This lips are accented with red glitter. The horns are made out paper and covered in wonderful red glitter his beard is made out of paper with black and red glitter. Has a black macrame brade around the face of the devil. This mask is 11'' high and 7'' wide. This mask would definitly be the talk of the room. This mask is even light enough to be worn for a period of time or you could hang on a wall for everyone to see it in all it's glory!