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The Los Angeles Department of City Planning's New Community Plan Program for the Boyle Heights area reflects a collaborative effort between residents, organizations, community-based groups, businesses, developers, agencies, and all key community stakeholders. 

Spring 2014 Public Workshops 

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        Upcoming public workshops to share drafts of planning 
concepts which include proposed 
        subarea maps, plan text policies and 
goals, and also to highlight updates 
        on topics of interest 
such as:
        --Clean Up Green Up Policy Initiative (community collaborative)
        --Historic/Cultural Preservation Tools available to the community 
        --Parking Utilization Study 1st Street (
SCAG Compass Blueprint grant)

  •                                                                                                                                 --Saturday May 3, 2014 morning 
  • 10:30am to 12:30pm                                                      Community Room, Boyle Heights City Hall 2130 E. 1st Street (1st and Chicago)
  •                                                                                                                         --Tuesday May 6, 2014 evening 
    6:00pm to 8:00pm                                                   Community Room, Boyle Heights City Hall 2130 E. 1st Street (1st and Chicago)
  • Parking available and ADA accessible at the entrance to the Community Room off of Chicago Street. Public Transportation access: walking distance from Soto/1st Station and Mariachi Plaza Station.  1st Street also has a bike lane for those that prefer biking.  For more information on public transportation routes (buses/metro) visit:
Winter/Spring 2013 - Focus Group Meetings

Small focus group sessions were scheduled for January-April 2013. Staff met with key leaders from local stakeholders organizations and groups to work on identifying the community's goals, set priorities, determine objectives, and give insight and direction on the community's vision for the Community Plan.  The meetings were centered around topics: Housing, Mobility, Cultural Resources/Historic Preservation, and Environment/Health/River.  These topics served as a platform to also discuss other land use issues and proposed policies that the participants felt important to identify in these small focus group sessions.  'Planning 101' sessions were organized to provide information on the  role of the Department of City Planning, the purpose of a Community Plan, and the process for approving a Community Plan.

Participants' notes and map exercises are posted below for each small focus group session. After you see these notes and maps you can still provide further input by clicking on this on-line comment form:  Comment Form

General Summary of comments received at Winter/Spring 2013 focus groups. The general  summary is a document that captures all input in general, for specific notes from each session please see list below. 

Focus Group Topic                                     Date/Summary ___
▪    Planning 101                                        jan 30 presentation
▪    Housing                                       feb 6 summary 
▪    Planning 101                                feb 15 presentation
▪    Mobility                                                feb 20 summary 
▪    Housing                                       feb 22 summary
▪    Cultural/Historic                          feb 26 summary
▪    Mobility                                          mar 1 summary     
▪    Environment/Health/River           mar 6 summary
▪    Cultural/Historic                          mar 3 summary
▪    Environment/Health/River           mar 20 summary
▪    Local Small Businesses                 mar 29 summary
▪    Planning 101                                apr 3 presentation
Large Industrial Owners/Tenant    apr 5 summary 

Fall 2012 - Review of Previous Materials

In the Fall of 2012, staff presented a review of 2006-2009 materials and delivered informational packets to the newly elected Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee, and other stakeholders such as Council District 14 office, Mayor's office, and the East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC). Below is the presentation and materials/handouts are all listed under "2009 - Spring Public Workshops". 

Spring 2009 - Public Workshops

Community Input -

Workshop Materials Drafted -  

Pictures from the 2009 Public Workshops  

Spring 2009 Workshops

*** Work-In-Progress Website - Stay tuned for updates as the New Community Plan process continues***