The Hoosac Tunnel - Facts

Below are some interesting facts about the Hoosac Tunnel that some may not have known:  



 The Basics:

Total Cost: $21 Million

Length: 25,081 feet (4.75 miles)

Purpose: Railway Route

Setting: Rock

Materials: Brick

Main Engineers: H. Haupt & Co., Thomas Doane



    Can you believe it...   

  • Two million tons of rock were carved out of the Berkshire Mountain range to build the Hoosac Tunnel.
  • Twenty million bricks were used to line the tunnel walls.
  • The Hoosac Tunnel project took so long to complete that critics nicknamed it "The Great Bore"
  • The tunnel was and still is considered to be haunted by two workers who died in an unexpected blast while working in the tunnel. As of today, it still has been said there is ghostly activity inside the Hoosac Tunnel.         
  • Up until 1916 the Hoosac Tunnel was considered the longest railroad in America.
  • During the 1900s more than 100 trains passes through the tunnel per day.




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