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Boyds PYO (Pick Your Own) Blueberries, 828 Shands Road, Christchurch.

Matuku δΈ­ζ–‡

Once again google maps has been trying to take over our business from the other side of the planet - sending people here on a wild goose chase.

We will probably be
open around 6 January 2023

In the meantime here's to a merry Christmas (if that's your thing) and a happy new year!

Thank you all for your custom and support, we look forward to seeing you soon!

The weather satellite

When open our normal operating hours are 10 am to 5pm

We normally just open to the public for PYO on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But please keep an eye on this site, just in case we open earlier (or have to close for what ever reason) 🀠

Remember also that google is on the other side of the planet and often don't have a clue about our opening times, so just make things up, so best to keep an eye on this site instead, thank you.

Remember to be safe on the road, if you're driving from CHCH and there's a lot of cars, please drive another 200 metres to Alameda Place and do a U-turn there, where the road is wider.

Because of the ridiculous bottle neck on the new Southern motorway into Rolleston, half of the disgruntled Rollestonians choose to use Shands Road instead, for their daily commute.

The safest way to turn into our property is to drive past it another 200 metres to Alameda Place, do a U-turn there and double back.

I've removed the front fence to make turning off Shands Road not quite so life threatening, and you will be able to drive down the RIGHT hand side of the property, past the house and right up to the blueberry orchard (unless you prefer to still park under the shade of the trees which is totally OK too). If you still come in the gateway, that's fine, and you can take the detour halfway along.

Obviously, if you meet someone coming the opposite way, just pull over to the left and give each other enough room. This may mean you leave the main track a little, but that's no problem.

The dirt track (scenic route) is more fun and picturesque than the old driveway. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

Remember to look for the numbers 828 at the driveway entrance. If you can't see those numbers you are not at our place!!

(Please don't go into the neighbour's property, that's just silly. If you need to open a gate then you're in the wrong place, you might as well just give up and go home).

Head for the new, red barn with the white roof, don't go to the house. Follow the tracks and arrows and park right beside the blueberry orchard, best along the east side (east side = the road side). The yellow buckets will be available at the barn and not at the house. This should make it easier for everyone.

Please dont park between the orchard and the barn as this strip will need to be used for people to get past, so it's essential to keep this area clear. Also remember that there could be little kids with (like you) just one thing on their minds: to dash into the blueberry orchard as fast as possible, so please be mindful of this and drive accordingly.

If you're coming from Rolleston, best to keep this in mind too:

Remember to bring your own favourite containers, as plastic bags are no longer politically correct, thank you very much.

(We currently have a few, super thick, reusable plastic bags on sale for one dollar each - free if you pick over 5kg. 🀠)

The "dark ring" where the berry connects to the bush, tells you it's ready to be picked:


Thank you for your custom - we look forward to seeing you all again!

Best regards

Andrew & Yi-Ming.

Remember "tasting is okay, but feasting is unfair". If you get filmed continually eating berries be prepared to be added to our hall of shame.

If you see people continually eating, please film them, give me the video, and get your first kg free! (Filming your friends doing this doesn't count! πŸ˜‹ )

Seriously, until you see someone stealing your stuff... people you thought were "such lovely people" people who've been coming here for years... that feeling of utter betrayal... you probably can't understand...

This is why some orchardists just give up in the end.

We may yet close to the general public and only be open to trusted pickers. Watch this space.

And remember: unattended children will be given Redbull and other sports drinks, and be taught how to swear. Well behaved children always welcome of course 😜

Please note we don't have eftpos, nor can we accept credit card payments, though phone banking, AliPay and WeChat Pay, is fine (see account number below)

Please leave your dog at home, thank you. Seriously, there are chickens and pheasants and other pickers who could well be afraid of dogs, not to mention the deer next door - if your dog strayed into the deer farm they could well kill it as they may have babies there. (Deer mothers and deer farmers can be formidible creatures). It's usually a really bad idea to take a city dog to a farm without first discussing it with the farm owner. Stray dogs can get shot on farms in New Zealand, as waiting to see what it might do, is not worth the risk.

When deer panic and run they can injure themselves on the first obstacle - usually a fence on the other side of the paddock!

Please remember to confirm opening times on THIS webpage and not the google maps page.

Click here for Directions to the Blueberry Farm from Hornby, Christchurch

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