Colored Angora Goat Breeder Since 1999
We have been raising colored angora goats since 1999, specializing in red angoras.  We live the the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon and maintain a small, but very pampered, herd of colored angora goats.  To improve our lock structure and fineness of fleece we purchased S&R Angora's Eldon; fifth place national colored angora buck out of Texas.  Eldon threw all black kids and we acheived an improved lock structure with very fine mohair.  Eldon has moved to another farm.  We have retained several of Eldon's daughters, they carry red coloring from their dams.
This year (fall 2011) we used a red buck, Gothum, bred by Eureka Mohair and owned by Lynn Patterson.
We are memebers of the colored angora goat breeder's association. 
Inquiries are welcome