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Academic Dates 2018-2019

July     28        Clean Up Day (Teachers Required)                                        


Aug.     3          Teacher In-service
            3          MS/HS Registration 8:00-9:00 (Optional)            
            5          Open House & MS/HS Registration 2:00-4:00

            (Required for MS/HS unless registered 8/1)           

            10        First Day of School—Full Day               


Sept.    5          Labor Day (No School)
             14        Fair Day (No School)


Oct.     8-12     Fall Break
             31        Staff Development, Students Dismissed at 11:30


Nov.    20        Thanksgiving Lunch (Students may leave at lunch)
             21-23   Thanksgiving Break


Dec.    19        Abbreviated Day
             20-3     Christmas Break


Jan.     3          Teacher In-service
             4          1st Day of 2nd Semester
             21        Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)


Feb.     14-18   Winter Break/Presidents’ Day


Mar.     18-22  Spring Break


Apr.     19        Good Friday (No School)
             15-26   Window for Stanford Tests


May     29-3     Teacher Appreciation Week
            16        PreK/Kindergarten Graduation
             23        Professional Development Day (No Students)
                        High School Graduation
             24        Abbreviated Day (Report Card Pick Up) and Staff Development


Grading Periods:
1st Quarter: August 10-Oct. 5, Report Cards Oct. 15
2nd Quarter: Oct. 15-Dec. 19, Report Cards Dec. 19
3rd Quarter: Jan. 4-March 15, Report Cards March 25
4th Quarter: March 25-May 22, Report Cards May 24


There are 6 snow days built into the calendar to use in case of bad weather.
Events are subject to change.  Look for monthly calendars in the newsletter and online!!