BCS Homeschool

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, BCS will be implementing new policy when it comes to our homeschool students.  Below is the updated Homeschool Policy.

The main changes:

  • Grade Reporting: We have provided a form to report grades for your student each semester.  It can also be used as a checklist of sorts to be sure your child is getting all the subjects/courses needed to graduate. 
  • Attendance Log: Homeschool students are required by the state to log 180 school days with a minimum of 4 hours of instruction per day.  We have included a form you may use to log your attendance.  If you have another way you choose to log attendance, you are welcome to use any forms you already find helpful.  All students wishing to homeschool with BCS must be registered within the first 30 days of the school year. 
  • Achievement Testing: We are lowering the grades we require to participate in the SAT-10 testing in April to include 6-11 grades.  K-5 may still participate but it is not required.  The purpose of the test is for you to be able to review your child’s level and growth and for the school to make recommendations if applicable.  If you have concerns about testing, please call our guidance counselor. 
  • Portfolios: Students must keep a portfolio of work completed for each middle school/high school class.  This portfolio may simply be in the form of a three ring binder with dividers for each class where you keep unit exams, and a few of the more “stand out” assignments from the year.  You may include projects, writing samples, graded assignments, or anything else you feel shows that they student completed an appropriate amount of work in the subject.  All work must not be kept.  It should be a snippet of the course you covered and should simply be a matter of saving some of the work you already do.  If courses are taken online, the progress reports that the online class sends to you would show the amount of work completed and would be all you need for the portfolio in that subject.  The portfolio will be reviewed by our Homeschool Liason at the end of the year and discussed with the student.  The semester reporting form and an attendance log should be part of your portfolio. 

Please note, these measures are not being put in place to make things more difficult for you, but to safeguard our homeschool system so that we can confidently sign off on the credits and classes your child receives at home.  We understand homeschooling is a full time commitment and we thank you for letting us be a part of this process for you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call and talk to us! We look forward to continuing to work with you!

Boyd Christian School Umbrella Home School Policy

What is homeschool education?

Parents being totally responsible for all aspects of their child’s education: registering, choosing and purchasing curriculum, teaching, and grading.

Legal aspects of homeschooling in Tennessee:

As a home educating parent, you have ultimate responsibility for your child’s education and your own “school” in your home. It is our recommendation that you protect your rights as a home educator by being familiar with the law in Tennessee concerning home education.

What is the application process like?

All students wishing to apply for BCS Umbrella School must go through an application process to the same degree as our on campus students.  Students must fill out an application packet from the office.  The admissions committee will determine acceptance of any new students after reviewing transcripts and recommendations.  Interviews and/or placement tests may be required for MS/HS students.  Any student who has been expelled from another school will not be accepted.  All seniors must be enrolled by August start date.  Also, students may not transfer in once the school year has been in session 30 days.  Students are only accepted mid-year if the administration waves this requirement due to extenuating circumstances. 

What do I need to do to enroll?

For returning BCS homeschool students:

For students new to BCS Homeschool:


·         All items for returning students, plus…

·         Student Application: includes letters of recommendation, transcript request, and interview

·         Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Immunization Record

·         Proof of guardianship if someone other than parents is involved

·         Copy of parent/guardian high school diploma

Parent Responsibility


To insure that your school days are counted by BCS, you must submit an attendance record at the end of the school year. BCS reserves the right to refuse to put grades or high school credits on the student’s transcript that were earned during a semester in which the student does not meet the guidelines of at least 180 school days/year with at least 4 hours of instruction/day.


As a homeschool parent it is your responsibility to choose, purchase, and implement a curriculum that is in line with the “Graduation Requirements” attached.  Bible class/curriculum is also required for our students.  On the home school program you may choose to use any curriculum you desire but you must provide your curriculum plan upon registration or prior to the beginning of the school year. 

Can we take classes on campus or use BCS curriculum?

Yes! You have the option of enrolling your child in classes on the BCS campus.  Elementary students have the option of taking any core subject classes daily as our classroom schedules permit; or any of the rotational classes such as P.E. (2 days/wk), Art (1 day/wk), Music (1 day/wk), or Library (1 day/wk) – these classes currently cost $165/year for 1 day/wk or $330/year for 2 days/wk.  Middle School students can take any core subject class daily or rotational classes such as P.E. (1-2 days/wk), Art (1-2 days/wk), or Computer (1-2 days/wk) at the same cost as elementary.  Middle and High school students can enroll in up to 3 classes for $825/class.  Four classes or more will be the current student rate of tuition.  Textbooks may be purchased or rented from Boyd Christian School for students who choose to follow what we use.  Textbooks may be rented for $50 per textbook. You will receive $25 back at the end of the year for each textbook returned in good condition. 


Grades must be calculated using the same grading scale as BCS (described in “Graduation Requirements” and must be sent to Boyd Christian School via email at ddunlap@fcbcs.org or faxed to (931)473-9632 at the end of each semester using the reporting forms provided.  (K-8 Reporting Form) (HS Reporting Form)


Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, homeschool students must keep a portfolio of work completed for each middle school and high school class.  Before credits will be recorded on transcripts, this portfolio will be reviewed by our Homeschool Liason in an interview with the student discussing the work they did and what they learned over the course of the year.  The intention of this measure is for us to feel confident in our homeschoolers education as we sign off on credits they receive.  Portfolios may include unit exams/projects, writing samples, graded assignments, progress reports from online courses, and anything else you feel shows that the student completed an appropriate amount of work for the credit received.  BCS reserves the right to refuse grades or credits on transcripts if course work cannot be produced for a particular subject.    

Achievement Testing

Our home school students, grades 6-11, are required to take yearly achievement test.  These tests will be reviewed by our Homeschool Liaison and/or administration and recommendations may be given based on student’s scores.  Testing is also available for grades K-5 but is not required.  BCS reserves the right to excuse a student from testing if a student requires extra prompting/accommodations; or has unruly behavior and does not abide by the BCS Student Handbook.  Testing fees must be paid at registration.

Change of Address or Phone Number

If during the school year your address or phone number changes, it is your responsibility to notify BCS of the change.

BCS Sports & Clubs

We have several different sports teams/clubs and are always looking to start more.  Currently we have basketball, cross-country, baseball, golf, archery, softball, and volleyball.  There is a required $75 athletic fee for participation in any sport which covers the cost of insurance and fees.  Please contact our athletic director if you want more information on the sports teams. 

We also have Beta, 4-H, Drama, and Spirit Club.  Clubs may have local or national fees that will need to be paid as a member.  Please contact the front office if interested in any clubs. 

Parents of students who play athletics and/or participate in extracurricular activities are required to serve the volunteer rotations asked of all full time students and attend all parent meetings relating to teams, clubs, and their obligations therein. Any parent failing to meet these requirements will jeopardize his or her child’s ability to home school at Boyd.

High School Graduation Fee/Info:

- $175 with graduation ceremony or $100 without ceremony (to be paid at registration – this does not include the cost of cap/gown & senior pictures, etc.)  This fee covers the cost of the mailing of transcripts, assistance for college/scholarship applications, letters of recommendation, College Fair Day, graduation ceremony, diploma, etc.  Seniors will be given a college/scholarships packet at the beginning of the school year.  Students not enrolled in classes on campus are not eligible for senior activities.  Students are not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony unless they are enrolled in at least one class on campus.  Students are not eligible to be considered for valedictorian or salutatorian unless they are enrolled as a full-time (full tuition) BCS student on campus beginning their Junior year and are only considered for the awards of the classes of which they are enrolled.

Is Boyd Christian School accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (Advanc-Ed).

Withdrawing during the school year

To withdraw your student from BCS during the school year, you must submit the request in writing and complete a Semester Report Form with grades earned up to the point of withdrawing, and turn both to BCS. We will not release records unless all accounts are settled and semester reports have been turned in. All fees are non-refundable. Any student, who withdraws as a full time student from Boyd Christian and chooses to home school under the Boyd umbrella, must pay all registration fees as new as listed on the contract and submit a letter of request to be presented to the board on behalf of the student from his or her family.  

Keeping Updated

It is the responsibility of the parents to use the website and school emails to stay informed and communicate with BCS. 

Ways to Stay Informed

1. Visit our website on a regular basis. – Daily announcements, calendar, and updates

2. Keep the school calendar posted - You will receive a copy that will be mailed after you enroll.

3. Newsletter – Sign up in the office to receive weekly newsletters through email.

4. “Like” BCS on Facebook— (FC Boyd Christian School) updates, announcements, and events.

5. Text Messages - text “@bcsremind” to the number 81010, to receive info & reminders.

Graduation Requirements

Total Required Credits: 26





Courses Offered (Italicized classes are required)

Some electives are offered on an as needed basis and are subject to change



1 credit per year attending



English 9, English 10, British Literature, American Literature



Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Algebra3/Trigonometry, Calculus



Physical Sci., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy/Physiology



World History, American History, Government (.5), Economics (.5)

World Language


Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3

PE/ Wellness


Wellness/PE, .5 credit can be one season of documented participation on a school sports team

Personal Finance


Personal Finance (.5)

Fine Arts


Art, Photo Journalism, Drama, Chorus



Psychology (.5), Speech (.5), Computer Science, ACT Prep (.5), Lifeskills (.5), Journalism,

(Any classes in other categories that are not required)


Homeschool Diploma

Students who meet the requirements above will receive a diploma from F.C. Boyd, Sr. Christian School Homeschool Umbrella. 

Class Load

Students are required to take 7 subjects each year, including one Bible.  Seniors may take 6 classes, including Bible.  The exception to this rule will be those enrolled in dual enrollment classes with Motlow.  A student taking one dual enrollment class must be enrolled in four BCS classes and a student enrolled in two dual enrollment classes must be enrolled in three BCS classes.  Students must be enrolled in a Bible course each year.  Students may only drop courses under special request to the Guidance Counselor and Principal. 

Dual Enrollment with Motlow

Students who meet certain requirements and receive approval from the Principal may receive both high school and college credit.  Developmental course will not be acceptable and will not count for credit, GPA, or as an honors class.  Each semester class taken with Motlow will meet the requirements of one semester class at BCS.

Determining Grades, GPA and Rank

All grades will be recorded numerically on a 100% scale by teachers. The numeric grades will be reported as letter grades on the report cards. To determine class ranking, grades are converted to quality points (see chart below). To determine GPA, the semester average letter grades are assigned a number on the 4 point system, and then divided by the number of grades. All classes are considered in the GPA.

100% Scale

Letter Grade

Quality Points


















Below 70








Adjustment Points:

These points are to be added to the above points. 

Honors Courses




Dual Enrollment




Non Weighted Subjects:

These classes do not receive quality points. 

Study Hall




Office/Teacher  Assistant



See above scale


Class Rank

The class rank represents the position held by a student in relation to the other students in the class. A student must be enrolled as a full time student on campus at BCS from the beginning of their junior year in order to be included in the ranking their senior year. Class ranking is figured on the quality points system and is weighted. Class rank is calculated at the end of each semester. Class rank for graduation awards and honors is determined at the end of the first semester of the student’s senior year. The student who has the highest number of quality points and is enrolled in the honors program is named the valedictorian.  The student with the second highest number of quality points and is enrolled in the honors program is named the salutatorian. If there is more than one student with the same number of points, there will be two or more valedictorians and no salutatorian.

Standardized Testing

High school students will be administered the following tests:

- Stanford Achievement Exams (9th, 10th and 11th grade)

- ASVAB  - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (10th, 11th every other year)

- Civics Test


Students are also expected to register for/take the ACT beginning in the winter of their 10th grade year.

Semester Averages

Semester averages will be calculated as follows: Each 9 -week period will count as 40% of the semester average and the semester exam will count as 20% of the semester average. No student will be exempt from 1st semester exams; however, seniors with an 85 or higher in a course may be exempt from the 2nd semester exams at the teacher’s discretion. 

Like what you see?

Considering enrolling as a full time campus student


How will Boyd Christian School benefit my child?

Your children will be benefited by attending Boyd Christian School (BCS) because of the Christian based instruction he/she will receive.  All of our teachers are striving to live a Christian life and set a Christian example.  All of our students have a Bible class each year that they attend BCS.  We also have chapel service each day that is student and teacher led.  Your children will be cared for in a safe and secure environment.  Students at BCS will follow the curriculum standards set by the state and will study a college preparatory curriculum.


What are some benefits of being on campus vs. homeschooling?

While we want our homeschool students to be an active part of our school, there are some privileges to being a full-time, on campus student.  Beginning in 2018-2019 school year, only full time students will be eligible for BCS Best—an incentive program to encourage good grades, behavior, and responsibility.  Students must be full time beginning the Junior year to be considered in the class ranking their senior year.  Furthermore some class events and honors such as homecoming court and Girls/Boys State are open only to full time students.  If you decide to transfer to a campus school, homeschool credits may not be accepted by the school you wish to attend.  As an accredited school, credits from BCS transfer to other Christian schools or to public schools without the need for placement tests or end of course exams.


What type of religious instruction is offered?

The Bible is our guide in all of our subject matter.  The elementary teachers teach their own Bible classes while men on our faculty teach the middle and high school students.  We teach directly from the Bible.  We let the Bible speak as it is written.  While some may disagree with the teaching of the Bible, we hold true to it.  The school is supported in part by different congregations of the Church of Christ.  A lot of the support comes from our parents who are not members of the Church of Christ.  About 60% of our students are members of the Church of Christ while the remainder comes from other religious beliefs.

How does BCS stand up academically to other schools?

BCS students have done very well upon leaving school and entering college.  We have graduates who are teachers, doctors, successful business men and women, and other professions.  Our students do well on the Stanford Achievement Test, scoring well above the national average.  On the SAT, students who attended BCS K-12 scored from 1-2 higher than any of the surrounding counties.


What is the teacher to student ratio?

K-5th—8:1                            6th-8th—10:1                       9th-12th—14:1


How much does it cost to go to BCS?

Current rates for Pre-K and K for tuition is $4010.  Payment in full for 1st-12th is currently $4910.

Registration and Tech Fee is $350. ($250 if during pre-registration period)

For families who have more than one child there is a $330 reduction in tuition for the second child.

Interested? Give us a call at 931-473-9361 to meet with our principal, tour the school, and see if you’d like to join!

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