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We made this site to inform tenets of the Boydell apartment buildings about how the management and owner is taking advantage of its tenants. You will find information related to your building and the start of its code violations and certificate of occupancy. We ask everyone that lives in one of the buildings to get involved, call the news, deny them rent if your building has no certificate of occupancy, spread the word, and do what you feel necessary to get them to start paying attention to the LAW. They are acting like bullies right now and the only way to react to a bully is to stand up to them. Help yourself and the people you live around and STAND UP. We will be updating this site as time permits, if you have any new information please go to the message board below and let everyone know. We also need residents from the other buildings to go to the city and get the code violations for the other buildings, if you live in one of the building other then Universal please help with this if you can. 

Loft Residents-


You are living in a building that does not have a Certificate of Occupancy, meaning it is not a legal residence. The tenants of Universal Lofts, owned by your landlord, have learned that the city is planning to shut down their building. This could happen to your building too!




Do not pay your August rent. Under state law tenants may withhold rent to force landlords to comply with applicable housing codes. Instead of paying the rent, inform Boydell Development Corporation that you are withholding your rent and state that you will not pay until you receive a copy of the building’s current Certificate of Occupancy.


Find out about what is happening at Universal Lofts- including a possible class action lawsuit-


Learn about your rights as a tenant-


Contact the City of Detroit, Property Maintenance Division, Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department to learn about that legal status of your building- Room 412, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Detroit, MI 48226


Share this information with your neighbors and anyone you know living in the buildings listed below. According to the City of Detroit none of these buildings have Certificates of Occupancy:


Universal Lofts- 5805 Lincoln St Detroit MI 48208
14th Street Lofts - 2101 West Lafayette Blvd Detroit Mi 48216
Brooklyn Lofts - 2233 Brooklyn Detroit Mi 48201

Coat Factory - 1652 Fort Detroit Mi 48216
Grand Lofts - 727 West Grand Blvd. Detroit Mi 48216

Greektown Lofts - 743 Beaubien Detroit Mi 48226
The Hudson - 1915 West Fort Detroit Mi 48216
John R Apartments - 2627 John R Detroit Mi 48201

Lafayette Lofts - 1302 West Lafayette Detroit Mi 48226
Milwaukee Park - 2566 East Grand Blvd Detroit Mi 48211
River Parks Lofts - 227 Iron Detroit Mi 48201

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