APARTHEID IN ISRAEL. Map shows Indigenous Palestinian "Bantustans" and Gaza Concentration Camp: "Nowhere else in the world is there anything of this kind"

Biblebelievers: "Nowhere else in the world is there anything of this kind. When the White South African government drew up "Apartheid" plans in the 1970s, a pattern existed already in the Israeli occupied territories -- and those "Bantustans" are now gone.  Beyond the maps, the Israelis enforce a regime of colored and computerized passes that restrict where Palestinians can go, different color license plates for Jews and Arabs have a similar result, "by-pass" roads for "Jews only", land confiscations, home destructions, settlements, all on top of a deceptive and complicated systems of apartheid-type laws  that create systematic separation while promoting Jewish interests and severely repressing and dispossessing Palestinians.  The changes agreed to recently in the "Wye Memorandum" do not alter these overall conditions and are hedged with so many Israeli restrictions that the situation for Palestinians is likely to worsen.
     The majority of Palestinians are essentially imprisoned in a large Gaza Ghetto from which they are unable to leave and which is now surrounded by a barbed wire, electrified fence. 

    Most others are now bottled up in one of the "autonomous" population centers, all of which are surrounded by Israeli check-points and roadblocks.  Millions more Palestinians continue to live in dozens of refugee camps in neighboring countries or in diaspora" (see Map illustrating Gaza Ghetto and West bank "Bantustans": http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/maps1.htm . )