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  • Mayor - T
  • District Judge - Mac
  • Executive Director - Gerald Welch
  • Director of Collections - Justin Grimes
  • Director of Volunteers - Kevin Cornelius
  • Unicycle/Political Adviser  - Billy Self
  • Senior Manager of Off-Road Transportation & Artillery - Robert Logston
Boxtown is our ministry - "Feeding the Hungry One Soul at a Time." It has been since Christmas of 2002. We're reorganizing this effort. We're scheduling it. Scheduling is something that I used to steer clear from. But if there is one thing I've learned from my buddy's triathlon team (Tri-Prosoap) is that you must train. In ministry, we must train our hearts.

So get ready. Emails will be broadcast once a month with the details on what happens during a trip to Boxtown.  You can also request to be on the mailing list ... simply email your request to

"No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets." ~ William Borden ... truly a great missionary.

Update on Homeless in Dallas:   January 29th, 2009

District Judge - Mac

Another example of Boxtown Similar ministry in OKC. 

Hot Dog Man

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