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This site has died with the death of VBA in ArcGIS 10.

All tutorials are in a continual state of editing.  Please let me know if you find spelling or grammatical errors, and I will try to fix them.  Also, let me know if you find passages confusing.

While I'm happy to make this available to everyone for free, using a free website, please give credit where credit is due, and ask permission before copying or redistributing any of the content on these pages (via the comments page).  I have tried my best whenever possible to lead you to the sources where I learned, or examples I have modified.  These are presented in the Further Reading sections on each page.

The Box Shaped World Logo to the left is copyrighted, and my own creation.  The Cherubs were modified from Atlas Major, so I can't take all the credit.

 I realize that with some of the definitions, I've simplified them to make it easier to go through the tutorials.