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Watch Rush Movie The Salieri to Hunt's Mozart is the coldly calculating, no-nonsense Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), whose personality repels most everybody even as he backs up his matter-of-fact confidence with results. The Austrian's serious-mindedness means he barely even shows off, instead putting in the hours training his body and examining every inch of his vehicle to tweak it for maximum speed.


Hunt's penchant for dangerous driving, as well as his playboy tendencies, fueled his rivalry with Lauda.

Watch Rush Movie Online As the tactless and nearly charisma-free Lauda, Bruhl clearly relishes playing up the character's off-putting qualities, demonstrated best when Lauda moves up to the Formula One class, signs with the prestigious Ferrari team and begins berating the crew with claims that their decorated car handles like a cow. Disgusted by Hunt's braggadocio and lack of professionalism, Lauda makes it a point in every race to edge out the Englishman, who naturally loathes Lauda's approach to the sport.

Covering 6 years and two world-championship contests, Rush tracks a narrow enough time frame to delve deep into Hunt and Lauda's ambitions, personal lives and perspectives on racing. Each makes sacrifices to do what he does, not the least of which being the choice to commit to a job that can make you feel alive right before it kills you.

Watch Rush Online Rush’ Rush Significantly credit goes to the actual _ design team associated with movie aspects who Howard provides put together in order to fine-tune his / her car - through Anthony Dod Mantle's usually deft and also probing camerawork, constantly locating the unpredicted viewpoint, for the collective efforts of the sound division, whose brittle products changes and flourishing engine throbs place the target audience there in the person's couch.

Watch Rush Online - Visually, the motion picture comes with an access-all-areas complete to each and every corner and also cranny of the automobiles, however it is the pulsating bassline of this soundtrack that delivers the dramatic chassis of the contest patterns. Strong helping activities enhance the appeal, together with Alexandra Maria Lara and Olivia Wilde doing your best with their particular twin "muse" roles, whilst Orlando McKay tells all of us we've seen inadequate regarding him or her because their discovery function inside me as well as Orson Welles.