Watch Runner Runner Online Free 2013 Movie Streaming HD

Watch Runner Runner Online Free 2013 Movie Streaming HD With a backdrop of big money, fast cars, beautiful women, violence and corruption, I had high expectations for Runner Runner. Ben Affleck has come off the back of the astounding Argo, and Justin Timberlake has been building up his credibility (think The Social Network). It even has Loeonardo Di Caprio as one of its producers, so it's hardly lacking in star power. However, the story just didn't deliver.


This film has a lot to work with, but just doesn't utilize the tools at its disposal. I was never truly seduced by the lifestyle that drew Richie in, and the story threads seemed disjointed. Corruption comes at you from every angle, and the FBI is also thrown into the mix. There's a bit of romance courtesy of Gemma Arterton, but that even fails to sizzle. The groundwork was laid for a twist in the tale, but when it was finally revealed, it too was a bit ho-hum.

Runner runner is a poker term, alluding to the world of online poker that provides the setting for this film. At the center of the story is Richie (Justin Timberlake), who was an up and coming financial whiz, until he got burnt by the system that promised the fortune he so desired. Now he finds himself studying at Princeton to get his life back on track. Promoting an online gambling site to faculty and fellow students is how he pays his bills.

When Richie gambles what money he has on the site he promotes, he loses his money, but detects fraud in the process. Taking another gamble, he heads to the remote island where the site originates to meet its owner, Ivan Block (Ben Affleck). When Richie tells Block what he has discovered, Block makes him his protege. Richie would have been wise to remember the old saying "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is".

No one could be better cast as Richie Furst, a financial whiz-kid who treats every conversation as a game of bluff and strategy - whether he's trying to talk his way out of expulsion from Princeton, or into a party hosted by the elusive Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) who runs a wildly successful online poker business from Costa Rica.