This website was set up by Boxford Parish Council as a community website in May 2008. Bearing in mind not everyone has internet access, users are asked to copy any significant notices, particularly Neighbourhood Watch notices, to neighbours who do not have computers. Notices will still be placed on the Parish Council noticeboard.


 The next meeting of Boxford Parish Council will be held on Monday 7th July 2014 at 7pm St Andrew’s Church, Boxford. The agenda for the meeting is given below:


  1. Apologies for absence

  2. To co-opt Mr Charles Oliver-Bellasis and Mr.Paul Kilding as councillors and receive their Declarations of Office and Registers of Interests

  3. To receive: Declarations of Interest

  4. Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of Boxford Parish Council held on 19th May and 5th June 2014

  5. Financial Matters: To receive status and prognosis 2014/15 and approval of expenditure: Postage £16.91p

  6. Planning Matters Consideration of: 14/01059/LBC2 Boxford Farmhouse; 14/01519/FULD Berry Cottage. Boxford Parish Council determinations for the following: No objections: 14/01210/FUL Section 73A Church of St.Andrew, 14/01231/LBC2 Mill House. Objections to: Appeals APP/W0340/A/14/2218370 and APP/W0340/A/14/2218382 Land to the rear of Mudhall Cottage. West Berkshire Council determinations to be noted: Approvals –14/01006/HOUSE The Old Chapel, 14/00537/LBC & 14/00536/HOUSE River Cottage, 14/00726/HOUSE Mudhall Cottage

  7. To receive reports:

    Boxford Village Hall incl. noticeboard changes Condition of highways, paths and stiles Westbrook survey for 20mph speed limit Freight Strategy Consultation

    Public Questions – an opportunity for members of the public to raise questions

  8. Part II item – confidential

    Anti-social behaviour in the village
    Date of next meeting: Monday 1st September 2014

    Joy Appleton
    Clerk to Boxford Parish Council 

The Old Parish/School Room

Next Meeting: 

7th July

at  7.00pm

Jeanette Britton
- Chairman
James Adam
Eileen Roddis
Mark Sefcick

Joy Appleton - Clerk to Boxford Parish Council   Contact:
or phone 01488 608422
    Approved minutes: Download
    Boxford Flood Plan: Download
    Register of Members' Interests: Download

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