Vision and Objectives

Here at Box Clever we recognise that all young people are different and have different learning styles.  We are able to offer learning to fit their needs and at individual speeds.
We feel at Box Clever that anger for one is a lethal distraction.  Even if you have all the talent and promise in the world, a short fuse and a hot temper can turn you into a nobody-Someone that no one wants around.  Too often it is not recognised until it is too late.
However within the student it is not always about anger, self confidence, being a victim of bullying, low self esteem and lack of motivation should always be pinpointed at an early stage.  As this canturn you into a person with low standards.
The staff's objective is to recognise any distracting issue within a student and adapt our eight week induction to suit their special needs.
Hands on Training, smaller group work and one to one student support ensures that the young people who attend our centre can achieve their full potential.
We work hard to ensure that all young students leave the centre with an accredited qualification in addition to learning valuable personal life skills.
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