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This trophy class river is known as a fly fishermans paradise and is Canada's #1 best wild trout River with over 2000 trout per 1/2 mile. The Bow is famous for it's strong fighting Rainbows that leap clear & high when hooked. Rainbows can be expected to be caught in the range 20 to 25 inches & with lady luck, even a bit bigger  is possible " My best is 27 incher on a # 18 Copper John. Browns are more weary as they become bigger in size. Alot of Browns are caught every year on the Bow that excede 20 inches , the biggest i have seen is close to 30 inches , the fall browns on the bow are very colourfull ,nice butter yellow with some orange tint,

Winter fishing on the bow can be just great for throwing streamers , i fish all year and enjoy the bow the best in march , if you can handle the cold weather then it's the time of year to catch that trophy of a life time , the rainbows end up looking like steelhead with the dark pink and heavy dark black spots

The early season, April until the end of june, is about throwing  big streamers and nymph fishing for the monster size fish.

July until October, the Bow River produces very well with dry flies and excells with nymphs.


The day will be spent nymphing and streamer fishing until we come across Risers. Then it's a switch to dry fly fishing. It's common and exciting to see a pod of 20 inch + trout with there snouts breaking the surface and slurping in the days hatch. When the fish are rising, it's more of a search & stalk game that's very addicting, as the action is hot.

The famous Bow River offers some amazing hatches throughout the seasons. Refer to hatch chart below: