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December Birthdays

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04    Destiny Beaver
06    Jeannette French
23    Tom Stenzel
24    Carol Reeb
25    Jesus Christ
29    Ann Niles
30    Bev Kaufmann

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We have much for which we give thanks.  The Thankful Turkey from Amy's Children's Moment is a wonderful expression of thank you declarations from many.

Election Day Spaghetti Dinner - 11/7/17

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    I heard the spaghetti was great, good attendance, good fellowship and the chance to welcome some new visitors.  All and all a wonderful event.  (Hmmmm...looks like Pastor is wearing another hat - Spaghetti Jim)

Pumpkins and Christians

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November Birthdays and Anniversaries

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01 – Nancy Wierbowski

04 – Kayla LaBerta

08 – Marybeth May & Brian Stoos

10 – Sandy May

11 – Bonita Brown

08 - David & Ann Niles

28 - Tom & Penny Stenzel

October Birthdays and Anniversaries

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October 3        Joan Kowalski
October 5        Al May
October 7        Jeff Creighton
October 9        Steve Siekmann
October 11      Melissa (Stoos) Gilroy
October 13      Sheryl Ziolkowski
                       Bonnie Skare
October 14      Phoenixx Walters
October 20      Crystal Creighton
October 21      Linda Rupert
October 26      Chris Barnosky

October 5        Sheryl & Dennis Ziolkowski
October 11      Ted and Carol Janicki
October 17      Chris and Tracy Barnosky

Kulli and Doug Mission Update from Estonia

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Greetings everyone!
It has been a while since we sent out a newsletter and there is a lot of exciting news to report.

About school:
 In May, members of Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary met with representatives of Asbury Theological Seminary and began serious discussions to launch a joint Masters in Church Planting degree program which could be completed by students at BMTS.
In June, after 3 plus years of hard work, 14 students graduated from Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.  The graduating class included students from Estonian, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Latvia.     
BMTS just began a new session of school on August 23, 2017.  All told, there are 22 new students which is a larger class than last year. We have students from Estonia, Ukraine, Finland etc. They are a good group. It is always inspiring to meet people who have answered a call for ministry.
Last spring, we did some creative thinking and prepared a cool new admissions materials and a video to introduce seminary to prospective students. The video is in Estonian, but you are welcome to see it here:
About church:
In summer Kulli participated in the Wesley Summer Seminar and spent a few weeks at Asbury Theological Seminary working on an article related to John Wesley’s Eschatology. Külli is also involved with a committee at UMC in Estonia to translate and publish Wesley-s 52 sermons in Estonian language for the first time.  We hope to print by May 2018.
Every year Estonian Methodists come together for a summer conference. This year Doug presented (and Kulli translated) two sessions there. Our theme was Romans 12:1-2, making our lives a living sacrifice. It was a very good conference. Every night there were prayer teams ready to pray with people. We felt refreshed through that event.
Ferry to to Saaremaa to Evangelical College Students Camp

About summer:
Our best summer days were spent camping with the Evangelical College Students who invited Külli to speak to them. We went as a family and took part of the entire experience. It was held on an island of Saaremaa where nature is particularly pure. We enjoyed seeing a variety of plants and picking wild berries, and went swimming in 18C water of the Baltic Sea. Local people were very social and every interaction takes time. It took 30 minutes to buy a postage stamp at Saaremaa! It is easy to get caught in long conversations at a store over a loaf of bread or varieties of fish! The camp was hosted by an Orthodox church. Youth paid their rent in labor. So as part of the program we chopped and piled up wood.
We came across this humorous book Estonians Inside and Out. Under the title What Estonians love the author writes:
“for some unclear reason, an Estonian likes to chop wood and pile it up.” … “Chopping wood is somewhat difficult for those who live in houses with central heating. First, you do not have a place to chop wood. Second, you do not have a place to pile all that wood you have chopped. Finally, you do not need it, because the room is already warm enough. In this situation most Estonians who live in the city have found the solution in the form of a country cottage.” 
So the city folk go to an island to have fun chopping wood. And a lot of fun it was. Working together, not much speaking, but we all bonded well. We are friends forever for we chopped wood together. Our kids were taught how to chop, pile and drive a tractor. What do Estonians do with all that chopped wood? They heat their homes 9 months out of 12 and sometimes even in July. And they also have sauna. And a nice wood pile makes a very good background for a photo. 
Doug operated the heavy duty wood splitter at the youth camp.
Külli chose the old fashioned axe to split wood.
Karl, Kristofer and Kalev helped to load, transport and pile up wood.
About prayer requests:
  • Please pray for Karl, Kristofer and Kalev. For their new year at school and kindergarten.
  • Please pray for stability in Estonia and upcoming elections. During this summer we saw a lot of NATO planes. It was reassuring to us, but also a reminder that we live in a complex world.
  • Please pray and support those who live in hurricane-ridden areas dealing with so much loss.
  • Please pray for and support the important work done by us and other missionaries. We just sent away one of our seminary’s best workers to mission in Brazil. Our dean commented: “For some reason God likes to work that way: we must give away in order for us to receive.”
About how to support:
Kulli Toniste Advance # 3022133
Douglas Childress Advance #3022134
Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary Advance #15021B
Greetings and blessings to all,
Kulli and Douglas

Rally Day with Faith - 9/10/17

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A thank you from Sandy M.......

Thanks to all who helped with RALLY DAY. The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a good time. Of course, the food was plentiful and delicious. Thank you again for your help.

A few pictures of the day were shared by Kristen

Worshipping outside together on a glorious Sunday morning

What a hot dog!  Looks good on you Tyler!

Chef - Pastor Jim

September Birthdays and Anniversaries

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Sept 2    Kathy Schell
Sept 4    Aaron Stenzel
Sept 6    Grace Creighton
Sept 10  Ken May, Mike King
Sept 17  Milly Whittaker
Sept 18  Wilma Taylor, Darlene Stoos
Sept 19  Bill King
Sept 22  Carl Lathrop, Sharon Wilde
Sept 25  Austin Stenzel

Sept 20  Ed and Nancy Wierbowski

Red Bird Mission Update

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Pastor Jim and his wife, Cheryl packed up their vehicle and headed for Red Bird Missions in Beverly, Kentucky after church services on August 20.  Thanks to the generosity of the members of BUMC, both monetary and purchased items, they had many gifts to take with them for the good of all at Red Bird. 

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you at BUMC and to Jim and Cheryl for taking the items.

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