Syllabus - 8th Grade History

U.S. History Syllabus (8th Grade)

Mr. Bowman

U.S. History

Room D-1

Classroom Policies and Procedures


Absence ‑ If written work is assigned during your absence, you will be allowed two (2) days per day of excused absence to make it up.  All work assigned on the Assignment Schedule or due while you were absent must be turned in immediately upon your return to class if possible.  You should always check in with your Team Leader after returning from absence to make sure you haven't missed a handout or to copy their class notes.


Assignments - Will be given up to six (6) days a week (meaning occasional weekend homework).   Since tests will be based on assignments, successful students will take care to complete their assignments carefully.  Any assignment not completed in class becomes homework.


Cheating ‑ Involves representing someone else's work as your own (e.g., copying assignments, giving answers to another student, etc.).  Cheating will result in a zero on the assignment, a "U" in citizenship, and an indication of cheating on your grade print‑out.  To know that cheating is going on, without informing your teacher, is also considered cheating.


Classroom Misbehavior ‑ There are five central classroom responsibilities.  Students who do not fulfill their responsibilities may lose personal free time at lunch or after school, or be issued written assignments, etc..  The five responsibilities are:


1. I will take my seat and begin working on the Daily Task immediately.

2. I will follow directions the first time they are given.

3. I will bring all my required materials to class daily.

4. I will treat other people and their property with respect.

5. I will be prepared to participate.


Daily Task – Begins with copying today’s assignments into your planner.  Every day, there will be a task written in the same place on the whiteboard.  As you come in and take your seat, take out your Planner & Portfolio (spiral notebook used for your Cornell Notes).  Copy the 'Daily Task' info into your Planner.  You will do this everyday.


Dismissal of Class - Is called by Mr. Bowman, and not the bell.  Continue to work until you are told to start packing up.  Students who pack up early will be held after class!  You will be told when to pack up. Pack up your stuff, and stack the books, whiteboards, and erasers in the back-center of your respective desks (2 books/whiteboards/erasers) per desk.  Pick up any trash and straighten your row.  Team Leaders will check their rows for compliance.   When I see that the rows are straight, materials are properly stored, and all trash and debris have been picked up, I will dismiss the class.


Distributing Papers - Papers will be given to Team Leaders to distribute to the rest of the class.


Grade Reports - Computer‑generated class grade reports will be posted after tests.  If you happen to receive an 'individual' grade report, the report must be taken home and signed by a parent or guardian and then returned within three (3) class days.


Team Leaders - Will serve as TAs (collect work, Portfolio & homework checks, etc.).  They will help the people in their group.  Team Leaders will receive extra credit at the end of the trimester. 


Guest Instructors - If I am absent, you are expected to treat the Guest Instructor with courtesy and cooperation.  Understand that I will always support the Guest Instructor and believe his/her report of your behavior.  Any student who is mentioned by name as being unruly in any way will receive a consequence, including a 7-paragraph Behavioral Essay, or lunch detention, or extra writing assignments, and a phone call or email home.  You may also receive a 'U' for citizenship for the trimester.


Gum -    Students are not allowed to chew gum on campus.  It's been a campus rule for years.  Students found chewing gum may receive a Lunch Detention, unless the student makes amends.


Handing in Papers - When assigned to do so, you will hand in papers to the person at the end of your row, seated nearest your assigned Team Leader.  Team Leaders will then collect their side's assignments and turn in to Mr. Bowman.


Lunch Detention – Will be 20 minutes spent in my classroom.  Students who ‘forget’ to serve will have their detention doubled.  A second (2nd) failure to serve may result in a suspension from class, a call home, extra writing assignments, and a ‘U’ in citizenship.


Make‑up Test - Given whenever you are absent  (see Assignments above) on the scheduled test day. Make-up tests may be different from the original test and  must be taken by you within two (2) days of the test, or from the day you return from your absence. If you know you're going to be absent on the scheduled test day, you are encouraged to  take a test in advance of your absence.


Making Amends - If a student needs to make amends, they may perform some sort of classroom house-keeping chore (e.g., sweeping, sorting papers, cleaning desktops, etc).


Portfolio (Spiral Notebook) - You will keep most of your written work and classroom notes in a 70-page, college ruled, 10.5 x 8 inch spiral notebook.  This notebook is known as our class "Portfolio".  The Portfolio's (spiral notebook) pages must be numbered, and pages must not be removed or added unless I tell you to do so.  Handouts included in the Portfolio (notebook) must be trimmed to fit the pages and glued using a glue stick, or clear Scotch type tape.  Staples, and liquid glue are not permitted!  Trimming and pasting may NOT be done in class without teacher permission.  Your Portfolio (spiral notebook) will be inspected prior to each test to be sure they are completed properly.


QUIA ‑    Is a web-based service which will be used to administer and grade homework and tests.  You will be assigned a free student QUIA account and a password for your privacy and security.  You will be able to access QUIA from any location where you can access the internet.


Quieting Down - When I call the class to attention, 1.) look at me, 2.) put everything down, 3.) be still, and 4.) listen to me carefully.


Quizzes ‑ May be given at any time without advance warning.  Quizzes will be based on previous lectures, videos or other assignments.  You may use your notes during most quizzes.  But remember, if you haven't completed your assignments, you may not be allowed to take the Quiz!


Raising Your Hand - You are expected to be seated, silent and working at all times.  If you wish to speak, raise your hand as high as you can.  Patiently, and quietly, wait for your teacher to address your inquiry.


Required Materials ‑ These are your daily tools, so bring them every day: Student Planner, spiral notebook, ruler, scissors, glue stick, assignments, dry erase marker (black or blue only) and pen (black or blue ink only) and/or pencil.  These are the only materials allowed on your desk during class time, and they are to remain on your desk until you are told to pack up.  Any other item on your desk could be confiscated and returned only to your parent or guardian.


Restroom Privileges ‑ You may go to the restroom during class, but not during a lecture or video presentation.  After getting permission to get up, bring your planner to Mr. Bowman.  Then write your name, and the time you're leaving on the Restroom Log clipboard located next to the door.  When you return, write your return time on the clipboard again, and take your seat. 


Seating Assignments - All seating assignments are to be issued by Mr. Bowman.


Study Island - will be used for Intervention and TEST Retakes.  You will be assigned for a Study Island Intervention TEST Retake if you achieve a 69% or lower on any given TEST.  You will be required to achieve a passing grade, or a Study Island 'Blue Ribbon'.  The highest grade you will be able to achieve on a TEST Retake is a 'C-minus'...nothing higher.  It will be to your advantage to study hard the first time around in order to achieve a higher grade.


Tardiness ‑ Tardies are recorded.


Tests ‑  Will be given approximately every two or three weeks.  Format could be matching, multiple choice, and/or true‑false items. Test items will be based on reading assignments, lectures, Cornell Notes, and daily activities.   Tests may be taken in advance, with Mr. Bowman's approval, if you're going to be absent.  (See Make-up Test)


Trimester Grade ‑ Is based on the student's total points earned in several categories: homework, classwork, quizzes, TESTs and the Benchmark Exam.  Approximately 70% of each subject's grade will be determined by TESTs (including the Benchmark Final Exam), and 30% from class/homework assignments and quizzes.

 Course DescriptionIn 8th Grade History, we will study from the beginnings and causes of America’s Revolution against England (1776-1781), including the Articles of Confederation,  our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights... on through to our Civil War (1861-1865),  the Post-Civil War Reconstruction (1865-1877)and the Industrial Revolution (1750- early 1900’s).  This isn’t JUST any history, folks…it’s all about OUR history……The story of America…… Come ready to learn all about US!

Contacting Mr. Bowman:

PARENTS:  feel free to contact me at Bell Mountain Middle School for any concerns or problems.  

EMAIL:, or the school’s phone #: (951) 301-8496, or send a note.  I’ll get back with you ASAP (most likely after school, and possibly the next day)… 

** My CLASS Websites  (class assignments information will be posted regularly on this site)… (class assignments website: tests, quizzes & homework)… (a great place for students to frequent for our textbook chapter/lesson practice & textbook resource help)…