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17th July 2021

It excites us to post this but... Do YOU want to be on The BIG Breakfast?

Truley this is wonderful news, it means the show is in pre-production and after a near-year of silence The Big Breakfast is coming back.

As fans, there is quite a bit of info to disect but firstly the all-important announcement from the production team. If you'd like to be The Family of the Week.. for a day, you need to click HERE and register, Details below:

So what information can we glean from this single image? First Lifted Entertainment are replacing Planet 24 as producers of the show. Who are they? Do they have any bankable hits to reassure us that the show is in good hands? 

Just some lesser known TV gold such as Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Countdown and Love Island to name a few.

Turns out that Lifted Entertainment is a front for ITV Studios. This, reassuringly, gives The new Big Breafast a very firm foundation. What else does the new image reveal? If only we had a clean version... oh wait... we DO!

So the logo. It's perfect ain't it? It's pink - a call back to the colouring used on the show's launch. The fonts are more in line with the JV & Denise era. Futura instead of Kabel but we reckon this was always the better, sharper take on the logo. Finally the 3D lettering echoes similar graphics in 1996.

We doubt a busy Graphic Designer at ITV Studios had any of this in mind - but we're loving their work.

Right, so that's everything covered isn't it....


Is this confirmation that the production team have access to Lock Keepers Cottage for the show? Or is it just for the nostalgia? It's certainly a new picture of Hackney's finest abode. Note the windows. In the imagesn supplied with the recent sale listings of the house, the windows had black trim. In the above image the house boasts distinctive (and very Big Breakfasty) white UPVC style windows. Photoshop or a makeover ready for its return as Breakfast's TV home?

It could be that the team will 'TFI Friday' it and build a near-replica studio and just use external shots of the house to set the right feeling however, this image offers a glimmer of hope that we'll see Mo Gilligan take his rightful seat inside Lock Keepers Cottage.

More news as we get it!

19th October 2020

Christ, don't update the site for three years then along come two MASSIVE news items in two months.


Big Breakfast House. For Sale

Yes our beloved home is currently available for viewing. Sold for around £800,000 in 2003 following the end of the original run of The Big Breakfast, and an arson attack, the sale price of nearly £6million represents a remarkable return on the buyer's investment.

Obviously they lucked out when the UK Government decided that their new neighbour would be the 2012 Olympic Stadium - no doubt regenerating a considerably rundown area of London.

Rightmove's photos show the results of the incredible make-over Lock Keepers Cottage received once the show went off-air.

How this effects the likliehood of the House's use for the forthcoming reboot of the show remains up for speculation.

25th August 2020

Smoke us a kipper, we're back for Breakfast

Channel 4 has announced that it is rebooting its iconic morning show The Big Breakfast after an 18-year hiatus, with BAFTA-winning British comedian Mo Gilligan hosting a one-off special.

Gilligan, who won a BAFTA for Channel 4’s The Lateish Show With Mo Gilligan, said: “Like so many of us, I loved The Big Breakfast and I am so grateful to be asked to host this special event, particularly as part of such a hugely thrilling and history-making day for British television!”

The revival will form part of a Black Takeover Day in 2021, during which the British broadcaster will mark a year since the international protests and debates sparked by the killing of George Floyd on May 25.

ITV Studios will produce The Big Breakfast revival after the show was originally made by Charlie Parsons’ production company Planet 24. Channel 4 promised to recapture the show’s anarchic spirit and said it will be reimagined through an “unashamedly Black British lens.”

We'll have more news as we get it!

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