Bowflex Treadclimber Review

Cardio is one of the best fitness options that burns a good number of calories and keeps your cardio vascular system fit as a fiddle. The most commonly used cardio exercise equipment is a treadmill, elliptical trainer and stair climber. Bowflex offers a combination of all the three with a Treadclimber using the dual treadle system. So, what you get is an effective workout in minimum time. Bowflex Treadclimbers are a product of Nautilus Inc., renowned for manufacturing home fitness equipment.

The three models of Bowflex Treadclimbers are reviewed here:

1. TC5

The TC5 helps you with low impact exercises and comes with the following features

·         Offers electronic functions for speed, distance, time and calories.

·         The LCD display screen helps to track your workout.

·         Offers Quick Start feature.

·         Ergonomic console gives easy access to magazines and water bottles.

·         Does away with plugs and chords and springs to life once you walk on it

·         Very compact. weights just 163lbs

·         Can carry weight of 300lbs

·         Maximum speed of 4.5mph

·         Transport wheels to move around easily

·         One year warranty

2. TC10

The TC10 is a midrange treadclimber. It offers excellent ab and leg workouts. The features of TC10 include

·         Offers two states of workout; steady state and interval state. By alternating between these two workout states, you can aim for a total cardio workout.

·         Embedded electronic controls that monitor the speed, time, distance and calories burnt.

·         G.O.Coach technology is a unique and patented technology that helps to track your fitness on a week by week basis and resets your fitness goals for the upcoming week.

·         Workout records are stored so that you can get to know the effectiveness of your workouts.

·         Ergonomic handles

·         Maximum speed of 4mph

·         Compact and weighs 185 lbs

·         User capacity of 300lbs

·         2 year warranty

3. TC20

The TC20 is top end fitness equipment that takes your fitness to new levels. The features offered by TC20 include

·         A full lit backlit LCD display monitors all your 5 workout parameters, distance, time, speed and calories burnt. TC20 monitors your heart rate as well.

·         G.O. Coach technology, the unique and patented technology that tracks your weekly workout progress and also resets workout goals.

·         Offers two personalized user profiles. Two users can use the TC20 for their individual fitness goals. Interacting with the G.O technology, the treadclimber offers the most effective workout program.

·         The wireless heart monitor keeps you in the target heart rate zone

·         offers 5 standard workouts and 3 landmark workouts

·         Compact, movable and weighs 217 lbs

·         300lb user capacity

·          Speed range 0.5 to 4.5mph

·         3 year warranty

Whether you are working out on the TC5 or TC10 or TC20, the benefits are numerous. Working out on them helps you gain professional gym like workout at home. They offer low impact exercise but highly efficient, thus minimizing injuries but improving the effectiveness of your workouts. You lose weight, build on your energy levels, improve your bone density, reduce back pain and increase your good cholesterol.