Bowflex revolution home gym is an effective alternative for fitness enthusiasts who do not have the time to work out in a gym due to their busy work schedules. Bowflex revolution home gyms are specially designed to build strength and muscle. Currently, Bowflex is selling Revolution Home Gym and Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym which are ideal for people who want to take up circuit training but do not have much space at home. The Bowflex home gym is designed to offer benefits as that of commercial gym equipments and best alternative for people who do not prefer joining a gym. It is considered to be one of the preferred home gym models because of its compact design.

How the Revolution Home Gym works?

Bowflex Revolution Gym provides full body workout involving the integrated cables. The machine focuses on every part like chest, abs, arms, shoulders and legs to provide a wholesome body workout. The gym has an adjustable seat with polyurethane cushion. The product after assembly weighs 157 pounds and takes maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs. Users have to ensure that they have at least space of 10 ft x 7 ft x 7ft to accommodate the machine.

Features of Revolution Home Gym

The home gym comes with SpiralFlex technology that can take up to 220 lbs of resistance; it is upgradable to 300 lbs. It features leg station that can cater to 600 lbs of resistance. Attachments like Preacher Curl and Ab developer are optional. It features a very compact design and a bench that is foldable. The machine comes with a fitness workout DVD which the users can refer to perform workouts without assistance.

SpiralFlex Technology: SpiralFlex technology is specially used by NASA which helps astronauts to stay in the desired shape while working in space station. This ensures that Bowflex Revolution Gym will certainly help you to breeze through the workouts and enjoy even resistance in each type of workout. The machine builds your stamina by using the resistance in lieu of weights.

100 workouts: The machine is designed to offer you 100 possible workouts that are in par excellence with gym workouts. Users can change the resistance from 10 lbs to a maximum limit by using the interlocking plates that are not heavy. You can alter the resistance and perform distinct workouts which no other home gym offers. The possible exercises are:

Legs – leg press, leg extension and hamstring curl

Back – lat pull down and seated row

Chest – incline chest press and pec fly

Abs – weighted crunches and rope crunches

Shoulders – seated shoulder press, upright rows and side lateral raises

Arms – preacher curl, biceps curl, triceps pushdowns, concentration curls, overhead extensions

All these workouts are clearly mentioned in the fitness guide that accompanies the machine. In the event of hitting a plateau, users can switch over to another exercise with a huge list of exercises available.

Compact design: Bowflex Revolution Gym is designed to offer higher comfort level to the user while working out. The seat is wider at base and narrow at the top which helps you perform a range of workouts that involve lot of pulls and stretches. The gym is housed on a gliding rail system which enables users to change over the seat positions easily.

Space: Users have to keep in mind that it is a home gym model. Therefore, they cannot expect to store it under the bed or behind a cupboard. Buy it only if you can provide a workout area of 10ft x 7 ft x 7ft. Still Bowflex Revolution Home Gym boasts a compact design when compared to other home gym models under this class.

Resistance: Bowflex Revolution Home Gym offers maximum resistance capacity of 220 lbs which is upgradable to 300 lbs. It offers 600 lbs of resistance for leg exercises. The SprialFlex technology offers maximum resistance. The weights are kept fixed and connected through a heavy duty elastic strap. When weight plates revolve, the strap stretches and produces good resistance. Though the weights are less heavy they can generate resistance ten times equivalent to that of traditional gym machines. For example, if the weight bar generates 30 lbs of resistance then the actual weight is calculated to be 3 lbs. This is possible because of the SpiralFlex technology.

Freedom arms: Freedom arms are a special feature that is not found in any of the home gyms available in the market. The arms can move around in 170 degree which is equivalent to a half circle movement. These comprehensive freedom arms offer high possibility for performing various types of workouts. As the machine uses ten different settings and provides room for attaching various handles, a total body workout is highly experienced. Thus the machine replicates all the workouts done at a traditional gym. This also enables you perform a series of workouts without having to take a break in the middle to change the settings.

Warranty: Bowflex Revolution Gym accompanies a 10-year warranty which covers any built-up defects and defective materials. The machine also comes with a 6 week money back guarantee. Using this, the buyers can return the machine for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the performance within 6 weeks of its purchase. This also vouches that the company is very confident with the quality of the make and performance.

Price: Bowflex Revolution Gym is priced at $2999. The price is slightly on a higher side but worth it when you consider the gym membership fee, cost of travel and commuting time. Considering the high cost factor, the users are encouraged to buy this product if they are set to use it carefully for at least about two years.

Final words

Bowflex Revolution Gym is a high grade and versatile product. You can go for this product considering the high resistance levels it offers, variety of workouts it provides and ease of use. Although the price is $2999, you can cut cost by using coupons. It is a best buy only if you are determined to invest quality time in working out on it.