DNA Project Admins

Martha Bowes launched the DNA Project through Family Tree DNA in 2004 and handles day to day activities.

David Bachinsky, PhD., a Bowes on his paternal side, joined Martha as Co-Admin. He brings a lifetime of academic and career expertise in human genetics. David's CV
Much of our personal history is embedded in the DNA that's been passed down to us from many ancestors. Family and surname researchers use portions of this DNA as another form of "record" to consult while working to reconstruct the past. This interesting pursuit is referred to as "genetic genealogy". I believe a synthesis of results from both documents and DNA enables the most comprehensive research and increases accuracy, so for the one-name study I follow the dual documentary and DNA approach outlined in this article.

You can pursue genetic genealogy one or both of these ways:
  • As a "fishing trip", where you're just curious what the DNA will reveal
  • To get clues that help answer a specific question about past family relationships
What you hope to achieve will determine what kit you order. Feel free to contact me for advice or start by reviewing these sections to help you decide which kit is right for you.
The DNA Project is managed by the admins listed to the right and processed by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), the leader in genetic genealogy for surname studies. They provide us with the best available tools to interpret and organize individual and project data including:
  • A simple cheek-swab kit
  • Each participant's own personal login with interpretive tools (View the Demo)
  • Special tools for admin use
  • A public website to display kit results.
You might be interested in seeing a report with photos from a tour of FTDNA's lab in Houston. The samples you see in the photos are identified by kit number, not identity.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me or contact Family Tree DNA directly at (713) 868-1438 or info@familytreedna.com.

If you are ready to go, see DNA > How To Join.

Family Tree DNA Cheek Swab Kit Image
Simple FTDNA Cheek Swab Kit