Special recognition goes to the following contributors in no particular order:

  • MEMBERS OF THE GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES for their vast pool of resources that provide a steady compass on the often bewildering journey of a one-name study.
  • Our DNA PROJECT PARTICIPANTS who have gone the extra mile to help build a database of genetic data to help connect families and study surname patterns using this unique tool.
  • HOWARD MATHIESON of Surname Origins for his expertise in cartography and surname mapping
  • COUNTLESS INDIVIDUALS for sending in family information and reesarch tidbits from far and wide.


  • The late JEANE ROBINSON for her spreadsheet of over 4500 records. This is offline for copyright reasons, but I am able to consult it while stitching families together.
  • JANE LYONS whose From-Ireland website I've only begun to familiarize myself with, but which is going to provide a large number of free-to-use references.
  • STEPHEN BOWES and RYAN BOAS for sharing their extensive work on the Scottish Ulster Bowes.



There is a lot more work to be done! If you might be interested in one of the following projects (I have more to add!), or something else altogether, please don't hesitate to contact me! Note: I collect all data, but only data free of strict and unambiguous terms of use will be made publicly available at this website. I can help set up spreadsheets for filling in.

All Countries

I would like to expand and convert the data in the Immigrants section to a spreadsheet. By enabling sorting by origin and destination countries we'll be able to get a better idea of how the surname and its variants distributed over time.


  • There are more Tasmania records to be extracted here.  (this will be public)
  • Queensland State Archives records to be extracted here (this will be private under the terms of use)
  • There might be more to be found in the South Australia records here (this will be public)
  • A number of entries at the Australia Legal Information Institute database, the most interesting are a few from the 19th century. (this will be public)
  • I haven't yet looked into sites for Northern Territory, Western Australia and Victoria.
  • Convicts could be added to the Immigrants area.


These databases at Library and Archives Canada are not included in the larger list that's easily searched there using a single search field. These would best be split between a census spreadsheet and the Canada "Miscellaneous and BMDs Out of Copyright" spreadsheet. (this will be public)
  • Canadian Directories: Who was Where
  • Census Microfilm Reels from 1666 to 1901
  • Census of 1851 (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)
  • Census of Canada, 1901
  • Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906
  • Census of Canada, 1911
  • Census of the Prairie Provinces, 1916
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online []
  • Métis Scrip Records
  • Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
  • Post Offices and Postmasters
  • Project Naming
  • War Diaries of the First World War


  • Headstones Index (this would be similar to the one started for Ireland) (this will be public)
  • Miscellaneous Records Index (this would be similar to the one started for Ireland) (this will be public)
  • Occasional Marriage Challenges through the Guild of One-Name Studies. This involves preparing a spreadsheet of Bowe marriages in a parish where a Guild member is conducting a Marriage Challenge (lookups). The Challenger will fill in the empty fields from the parish register. (this will be public)