Assembly Newsletter

June 19, 2017

Worthy Sir Knights:

This months meeting, will be a social at Casa Las Glorias September 26th. We can arrive at 6:30 PM and we will be in their party room. 

We have Two Honor Flights left for this year. They will be: Tuesday September 19 and Tuesday October 17th. We should be at the airport at 9:30 PM.

The Bowen General Assembly fourth degree Knights of Columbus had a monthly meeting on March 28 and the chalice fund was one of agenda items. It was discussed that all members of the Bowen Assembly should be able to help by contributing some money to the Chalice fund. It was voted on that all members should contribute $10. This is considered a mandatory versus voluntary contribution. You are asked to as soon as possible to help cover the expenses for this year’s chalice fund. If you would like to contact Mark Seber. In the future the $10 contribution will be included with your yearly membership dues. ( $25 for your yearly dues and $10 for the chalice fund.) All lifetime members will also receive notification at the same time to send $10 for the chalice fund. If you have not yet contributed please do so as soon as you can.

If you have not heard yet the regalia for the fourth degree is changing. Our current regalia is will go away June 30, 2018. The new regalia is available through Knights gear on line. The new regalia cost is $510.00 but if you order before September 30, 2017 you will get a 25% reduction.

I hope to see you at the social.

Vivat Jesus