Information about the Bowen Express Bus


The Bowen Express Bus operates between Bowen Island and Downtown Vancouver. In the morning it picks people up from the ferry (Monday 6:30am) or in Horseshoe Bay (6:30, 7:30 and 8:30am runs from Bowen - e.g., around 7, 8, and 9am) and takes them downtown. In the afternoon, it picks people up downtown (at 3:45, 4:55, and 6:05), and takes them to Horseshoe Bay, timed to meet a water taxi (approx 4:15 and 5:25 and 6:25) and the afternoon ferries (4:45, 5:50, 6:50). 

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Fares and payment

Fares are $4 each way. Tickets (books of ten) are available from the driver. Each book includes a 'free ride' - the top portion of the booklet - so you get 11 tickets for $40 or $3.63 a ride. A monthly pass is also available. You can pay with your credit card on the bus.

Bowen Island/Horseshoe Bay schedule and pickup locations

The bus picks up passengers from the 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 am ferries. Look for the bus on the road on the north side of the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay. Note: On Monday morning, you can get the bus right on the ferry if you take the 6:30am run (the bus spends the weekend on Bowen).

Downtown pickup schedule and pickup locations

The bus resumes its schedule in the afternoon, picking people up from downtown, along Georgia and taking them to Horseshoe Bay. During the summer, the bus leaves Georgia and Richards at 45 minutes after 3, 4:55, and 6:05pm and makes three stops 1) Georgia & Richards (by the brass bull, in front of the Blenz), 2) Georgia and Granville (by Hudson Bay, nearest to Granville), 3) Georgia and Burrard (in front of the Cathedral). They are situated to be apart from the regular transit stops. You'll usually find a little cluster of Bowen Islanders waiting there, too!

Here are Google Maps links to the three outbound stops:
1. Richards & Georgia:
2. Granville & Georgia:
3. Burrard & Georgia: