History and Status of Bowdoin Fencing 

Bowdoin Fencing in its current incarnation was founded in the fall of 2006 by Sam Tung, Geoff Yeterian, Dave Yee, and Mac Evans.  That year, the team trained a class of beginners and established the groundwork for a competitive team.

 In the 2007-08 school year, the team grew as it took on another class of beginners and moved towards competition.  That year, they competed in individual and team USFA tournaments in the Maine region, as well as a number of intercollegiate tournaments such as The Big One at Mt. Holyoke, New England Championships at Dartmouth, and Club Championships at Smith College.

 The team currently consists of about 25 members, men and women, and practices 3 times a week.  Adam Ivy of the Portland Fencing Center coaches one practice while the other practices are run by Sam Tung (B05, 8 years fencing experience)

Students on the team do not need to purchase their own gear, and no experience is needed to join.  For more information, contact , or





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