Principal Scientist

Supersonic Imagine / Hologic

135 Rue Emilien Gautier Bat. C

13290 Aix en Provence FRANCE

E-mail: bo (dot) zhang (at) supersonicimagine.com

I am working in the passionate industrial area of medical ultrasound for more than a decade. I strongly believe that ultrasound systems will be part of everyone's life accompanier in the future, just as thermostat and stethoscope of today. From the diagnosis perspective, it is such a rare non-invasive and mobile imaging modality in the modern medecine. It is efficient in so many clinical areas, and is operating in an interactive way that reveals valuable multi-modality and multi-dimensional information. It brings out ever-new opportunities on vital healthcare problems, while offering exciting math-physical engineering challenges to a passionate ultrasound engineer.


Signal, image and data processing, Inverse problems, Variational methods, Mathematical optimizations, Statistics, Machine learning