Here is what just a few of our patients have to say about the service they have recieved...

 I have been a patient with Bourne Chiropractic for over 2 years. Like many others, mine is complicated medical case stemming from poor general health and life stress leading its the way toward specific and chronic failure. Prior to finding Dr. Bourne, I had bounce around searching for answers from many traditional and non-tradition healers. Dr. Bourne turned out to be a pivotal discovery for me. While I still don’t fully understand sacro-occipital technique, I know it has helped for me. I have been impressed with his varied but unorthodox diagnostic & chiropractic techniques. Good diagnostics are the key to targeting and fixing issues. He is a good problem solver and he does a good job of letting the patient lead the way to their own healing. He challenges me and knows how to facilitate my process. This journeys is not about taking a pill and chasing pain or feeling better in the morning; rather, it’s more about regaining control and heading toward a healthier and more fully fulfilled version me.
Brad S.
 I got into a hit and run last year, my neck was really bad and he was amazing. Very nice and funny. 
Hope K.