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Discount Silk Flowers

discount silk flowers
    silk flowers
  • (Silk flower) Artificial flowers and imitations of natural flowers are sometimes made for scientific purposes (the collection of glass flowers at Harvard University, for example, which illustrates the flora of the United States), but more often as articles for commercial or residential decoration.
  • A deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers
  • A percentage deducted from the face value of a bill of exchange or promissory note when it changes hands before the due date
  • dismiss: bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances"
  • the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise
  • give a reduction in price on; "I never discount these books-they sell like hot cakes"

#b405. necklace 330 mdl (21 €); #b406. earrings 150 mdl (9,5 €); --------------15% DISCOUNT !!!
#b405. necklace 330 mdl (21 €); #b406. earrings 150 mdl (9,5 €);    --------------15% DISCOUNT !!!
Colour: teal-milk. Ingredients: hand-made polychrome silk flowers and beads, hand-made atlas beads, plastic beads, rose-pendants, Antique Bronze chain and jewelry findings (hypoallergic).
#b397. brooch 190 mdl (12 €) -------------15% DISCOUNT !!!
#b397. brooch 190 mdl (12 €)  -------------15% DISCOUNT !!!
Colour: yellow. Ingredients: hand-made organza flowers, hand-made crocheted with silk thread beads, ceramic beads, Antique Bronze chain and jewelry findings (hypoallergic).

discount silk flowers