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How To Make A Flower On A Cake

how to make a flower on a cake
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Cake work in progress...
Cake work in progress...
I'm making a display cake (as well as a tower of cupcakes) for my grandma's 80th birthday party. It's a hawaiian luau so I'm decorating the cake with hibiscus, plumeria and pikake flowers. First, I painted the cake with two different shades of blue (sky blue and royal blue). Then, I started painting the hibiscus on the cake, but it ended up looking too dark, so I switched gears. I cut out the some fondant, pressed it on a leaf mold and stuck in on the cake. I haven't learned how to make gumpaste flowers so I'm doing my best to make these 2D pieces look a bit more interesting.
Yes that's cake.....Cake!!!!!! 51/52
Yes that's cake.....Cake!!!!!! 51/52
We had a Baby Shower for some friends and it was amazingly awesome! We had so much fun making all the flowers for the surprise Baby Shower (after spending a while trying to figure out how to make them) and then we couldn't stop. (Or maybe it was just me!) We ate cake, opened presents, did "creepy guy with camera" fun and silly poses. These three really didn't skimp on the entertaining photo poses either!! What a great day and I am so happy to have been a part of it!! 51/52 © 2011 Latella Cockrell ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

how to make a flower on a cake