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 Questions & Answers

How much does the game cost?

It is free.


What is the aim of the game?

The aim is to collect as many stars as you can before the timer runs out. Stars appear one at a time and are collected when you roll the ball into them.


How does the Global High Score feature work?

Bounce Mania uses OpenFeint to record global high scores. Current high scores are submitted to OpenFeitn when the info screen is displayed (by pressing 'i'). The info screen allows you to access OpenFeint and the current global leader boards.

What are OpenFeint achievements?

Bounce Mania uses OpenFeint to provide 28 achievements (that is, challenges) that can be strived for and unlocked. The OpenFeint achievements can be accessed from the info screen.


How is the ball controlled?

Tapping the buttons at the bottom left or right of the screen places a diagonal barrier at the ball's current position and immediately deflects the ball. The new direction depends on the ball's current motion. Once placed, barriers remain on the board. The more barriers there are, the harder it is to reach the next star.


Where is the ball initially placed?

The ball starts at a random location on the left of the screen, moving towards the right.


Why do barriers sometimes disappear when the ball rolls into them?

A barrier will be removed if it would deflect the ball directly into a wall or another barrier. This prevents the ball getting into a tight spot that it cannot get out of. A smash noise indicates that this has happened.


Why do barriers sometimes not get placed when a button is tapped?

If the new barrier would deflect the ball directly into a wall or another barrier, it does not get placed. A buzz noise indicates when this has happened.


What's the power meter?

The power meter is the bar on the bottom left of the screen that gradually fills with red. It increases whenever a star is collected or the ball smashes through a barrier.

What happens when the power meter is full?

When full, the ball turns into a bigger, different colored Power Ball. The Power Ball smashes through existing barriers, and lasts until the slowly draining power meter empties. Tapping the left and right buttons controls the Power Ball's direction, without placing new barriers.

Why does the power meter seem to take longer to fill?

Every time the Power Ball is activated, it takes more stars and smashes to fill it again.

Why does the Power Ball sometimes not deflect when a button is tapped?

The Power Ball can only change direction when it is in an empty square. If it is smashing a barrier, it can't change direction.

What happens if I shake the iPhone or iPod Touch while playing?

Shaking will remove a proportion of the barriers. Initially, about 40% are removed, but this gradually diminishes the more shakes you make.

How do I view the settings and help screens?

Tap the info button ("i") at the bottom of the main screen.


What do the different coloured stars and scores mean?

The colour indicates the current level - green for easy, orange for medium, red for hard.


What difference does the level make?

The level controls the ball's speed and the amount of time added for each star. Easy adds 8 seconds, medium adds 6 seconds, and hard adds 4 seconds for each star. The power meter also takes less time to drain, meaning the Power Ball is active for a shorter time.


Can the game be 'clocked'?

The maximum score is 999, and the maximum time limit is 999 seconds.


How can I submit comments or questions about the game?

Send an email to


Why is this game free?

Initially, it was my entry in a competition with a prize for the application that got the most downloads, so I wanted it to be free. I also get enjoyment from knowing people around the world are playing my game and that's more than enough reward!