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This is a timeline showing the life of a famous shoe maker Calvin Sampson. 

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Title: The Life of Calvin T. Sampson 
Year Event
1851 Sampson opened his first retail shoe store on the corner of Main and Eagle Street.(Later burned down)
1853 Finally started to produce shoes
1856 Started to commence the manufacturing of women's shoes exclusively
1858 Sampson founded one of the most successful shoe factories around at the time
1867 Bought a large brick building on Marshall Street
1867 Shoe maker employees form the biggest union in the country (Knights of St. Crispin)
1870 Employees of Sampson went on strike for higher wages
1870 First contract signed by Chinese workers to enable them to work for Sampson was produced
1871 Hired additional 50 Chinese workers
1880 Last Chinese immigrant departed from the company