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          The year was 1870 and North Adams, Massachusetts was one of the busiest little cities around. But before that in the year 1858, Calvin Sampson started one of the most successful shoe factories in North Adams. Later in 1870, when all the action was in North Adams it had grown into a very productive business. Sampson had paid his workers very cheap and of all his 150 workers, he paid them a total of $5,000 which was around $33 dollars each for making 300,000 pairs of shoes each year. They certainly got what they deserved. This didn’t really last for long because the employees demanded higher wages and once they did that Sampson did not hesitate and just fired them right there and then and pretty soon he had replacements. But unfortunately the replacements were persuaded to leave Sampson. This did not matter because shoe making was coming to the point where you didn’t need skilled workers so it would not matter the type of worker. So Sampson’s superintendent cam to the rescue and went to San Francisco to recruit Chinese employees.

            These Chinese workers signed a three year deal with Sampson and they were form the ages of 16-22. In the deal they get housing and get their expenses paid form California but they are only getting paid 90 cents a day and that is half of what the people who are on strike were getting paid. Sampson lucked out here and he was the first American manufacturer to transport Chinese workers east from the Rockies because of a strike. These men no doubtingly produced more shoes and better of quality as well which made Sampson a very successful man throughout the years. The start of Chinese immigration was because of Calvin Sampson.