Welcome to the Webpage of the Boulevard Heights Community (otherwise known as BOHO) -- in southeast Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The All About Trash Box

OK, OK, OK people. Please pay attention. And Thank You.
  • Trash Day is every Tuesday (unless a Monday holiday throws things off)
  • Recycling is scheduled to be picked up weekly on Trash Day
  • Bagged (or in your own trash can) yard trimmings and leaves are scheduled to be picked up weekly on Trash Day
Bulk Pickup is scheduled for SE ATL, including BOHO the SECOND full week of each month. The can come at any time Monday to Friday of that week so put things out by Monday a.m. Large debris, furniture, logs, big branches, etc are for bulk pickup days.

If you have questions about trash, recycling or bulk pickup go to the City of Atlanta website -- Office of Solid Waste Services webpage -- or call them at 404-330-6333

Other Items:

If you want to dispose of other hard to dispose of or hard to recycle item the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) facility is very nearby on Hill St. Learn more...

Upcoming Events in the Area
  • July TBD 
  • Aug TBD 
  • Sept TBD

All About 9-1-1 and What Happens When You Call
  • This informative piece tells about how calls are prioritized at the 9-1-1 center, provides tips on how to efficiently interact with the operator, and information on what to do if you need to follow up on something that you reported (or need to escalate beyond the 9-1-1 center).
  • NPU-W and the Grant Park Neighborhood Association provided the information at the link above.
  • Don't forget that 9-1-1 is THE ONLY number that the city of Atlanta uses to track and dispatch calls for police response or assistance.

Southeast Atlanta Community Initiatives
  • Contribute Your Security Cameras - Help fight crime by registering your security cameras with Trolley Patrol. Citizen cameras in the neighborhoods can help police solve crimes and identify suspects. Contact Trolley Patrol to  learn more about this voluntary initiative and get the camera registration form. Your camera will not be connected to a network, information on camera locations in our neighborhoods is just being collected in advance to help know where to get images and video footage when crimes occur in a specific area. 
  • Improve Safety: Report Streetlight Problems - Streetlights reduce crime and increase community pride. See more information about reporting burned out or malfunctioning streetlights at this link (information courtesy of the GPNA).

Beltline 8K Race

REGISTRATION for the 2016 race is not open yet. And from looking at the Beltline webpage it might not be happening in 2016. Stay tuned.

This annual race passes (passed?) right through the northern part of beautiful BOHO.   View the course map.


Find information about CURRENT ISSUES
of importance to Boulevard Heights and Southeast Atlanta. 

City of Atlanta Online Tool to track variances, permit requests and code enforcement cases. Link to: City of Atlanta Citizen Access system

Learn about REQUIREMENT to REGISTER VACANT PROPERTIES within the City of Atlanta. Information on City of Atlanta website. This is also a permanent entry in the City, County & Community Services Directory.

  • As of August 1, 2011 - trash, recycling and bagged yard waste pickup day is TUESDAY (learn more)
  • Atlanta Police Dept. Zone 6 covers this area and we are in Beat 607 (call 9-1-1 for emergencies)
  • Station 10 is our Atlanta Fire Department Station
  • Yes, we are on Facebook, as a Closed Membership group. 
  • We have a Google Group for more active discussions (learn more).
  • Comments or questions about this site? Email BOHOwebmaster@gmail.com


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