We've just signed a deal with Vertical Life to license Stone Country guides on their terrific app. Check it out and download to IOS or Android. Buyers of the book will soon find a stickered code inside the book which allows them a free download of the app. It's very functional, clean and easy to use, plus they have dozens of other guidebooks available to use on the app! The app is available as of January 2018. Those who have purchased the book already can email John Watson for a code at boulderscotland (at)

2017: New 8a in the Barry Valley

Stuart Goodwin has climbed a five year project in the Barry Valley on the Animal Boulder, calling it 'Shut Yer Mustache' and grading it 8a, check out the video below. There is also an updated list of problems on UKC for this developing venue between Farr and Dunlichity, see here >>>

Definitely a venue for the next edition of Boulder Scotland and let's hope the area sees some traffic.

FA of Shut Your Moustache from Stuart Goodwin on Vimeo.

New 2017 Rum Bouldering Guide from Hamish Fraser

Check the video below and download RUM BOULDERING 2017 here >>>


Glasgow's best bouldering? Many may point to Dumby but for the mortals amongst us who enjoy a good circuit with low stress, the best and most accessible is the 'concrete Fontainebleau' at Cuningar Loop. We've produced two topos: one of 22 BLUE circuit problems between Font 3+ and 5+; the other of the RED circuit of 22 problems between 5 and 6b - the point being to illustrate the quality of movement on these pleasant blocs. Completing each circuit will set you in good stead for the step up to a real Fontainebleau circuit! Thanks to Serious Climbing for building such a welcome resource for local climbers!