Playback in Organizations

Humanizing the Workplace

is a Competitive Strategy

Our personal stories are:
the fabric of meaning of our lives
how we know who we are
how we connect with others
our life and our freedom

We invite audience members to tell feelings, conflicts, brief moments, dreams, visions, or stories from their lives.  We reenact them on the spot.  Together we build community, discover truths, and create joy and laughter.  We begin to see and know each other for who we are.

Custom Workshops 

Crafted to your needs

  • Tap Creative Problem Solving
  • Electrify Your People Network
  • Balance Diversity and Unity
  • Plan Strategically
  • Build Teams

  • "I was particularly impressed with your ability to build rapport with the audience.  You made it safe for a group of managers to hear and internalize messages that are sensitive and difficult to hear,"  Alma Vigo-Morales, Diversity Specialist, Hewlett Packard

  • "Your approach is an excellent method of communicating the suppressed feelings and unspoken messages that inhibit growth in the business world," C.E. Archulets, President, National Systems& Research Engineering Co.

  • "The managers and supervisors recognized your consummate skills in playing back their problems, which then seemed to naturally lead to obvious solutions,"  A. Clegg Crawford, Vice President, Electrical Production, Public Service Company of Colorado

  • "Our staff has managed to maintain a much greater resilience and unity.  The Workshop was an important factor in this."  Michael P. Johnson, Faculty Member, Community College of Denver

  • "Is business finally coming to its senses?  All of them?  The goals:  push people out of their comfort zones, spark innovation, encourage engagement." Fast Company Magazine