Boulder Playback Theatre

Welcome to Boulder Playback Theatre

where your stories come to life

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Experience real change:  move beyond talk into action with Boulder Playback Theatre. 

Enjoy customized, improvised theatre where actors play back the stories
your audience tells. Discover an event that inspires, illuminates, and
entertains with love, truth and laughter.

Our stories nurture us.

In Boulder Playback Theatre, actors re-create your stories
on the spot, turning your stories into poetry and theatre,
with intuition, generosity, and joy!

 Company Members clockwise from upper left: 

Marc Weiss, Rosey Waters, Rhianna Gray, and Ira Liss

Questions about Boulder Playback Theatre?
Contact Marc Weiss at "mweiss at indra dot com"
(of course, replace "at" and "dot" with "@" and "."


Marc Weiss and Associates
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