Jesse Garland - Vocals

A distinguished artist, this dynamic singer, related to Judy Garland, has a voice that soars and holds the same magic as her famous bloodline.  Her songs rooted in jazz and blues take the classics in new directions while bringing in sounds from today constantly pushing the music to the edge. Jesse hails from McAllen, Texas, eight-miles from Reynosa Mexico in Hidalgo County. Although she had great admiration for small town living and the mantra of a simple life but she grew up feeling like the oddball teenager. Finally, deciding to follow her lifelong dream to see the world and venture out into the great unknown, Jesse began her journey in Washington, DC diving headlong into an exciting singing career eventually landing her in Denver, CO.  In Denver, she really found her love for life, people and most important passion for her music. Over the years, Jesse had entertained numerous audiences with her soulful rendition of Summertime, PS I love and conquers the challenging vocal aerobics of Joy Spring. Along with the BBB, she performs with several different ensembles, so be sure to check out her website here.

 Ted Atwood - Vocals

Ted Atwood started his professional singing career in 1983 with the gospel group the Heritage Singers. He traveled with them extensively overseas and has performed in 24 different countries, along with touring the United States five times. During this time he recorded 5 albums with the group, along with a solo album showcasing his bass/baritone voice. In 1990 he discovered some of Frank Sinatra's big band tracks and began performing a variety of Sinatra's songs at weddings and local events. He discovered he had a voice for crooning and singing big band standards, so he started expanding his repertoire. His smooth, pleasant baritone voice is easy to listen to and lends well to the big band style. Ted has over 2200 performances to his credit and counting. He currently performs with the Boulder Big Band in Northern Colorado.  Ted says " I feel very privileged to be singing with such wonderful and talented players. It is a dream come true!" 

 John Hoffman - Trumpet, Director Emeritus

The Boulder Big Band was formed in 1997 under the direction of John Hoffman. John has been a music educator for most of his life. Through the Boulder Big Band, John has been able to continue his passion to lead and educate musicians.  John also plays the trumpet. John is still going strong at age 84.

The band enjoys rehearsals as much as performing. John provides a positive environment where the band is having fun,  motivated to improve, and never seen as "work".  John also provides a learning environment to allow many of the musicians to significantly improve their skills by playing with a mature group of musicians.

 Rich Gray - Trumpet

Rich was born in a Class 5 Hurricane. (Apologies to The Rolling Stones)  His interest in music began in grade school and he has been involved in it ever since.  He played trumpet in his high school band and won many superior ratings for solos at District and State band contests.  He attended the University of Miami on a music scholarship playing trumpet in the UM “Band Of The Hour”.  While in college he also began playing drums in an effort to expand his opportunities for paying gigs.  (Almost every band has a drummer – not every band has a trumpet player…ergo if he also played drums, he would get more work).  In actually happened!  Following college, Rich entered the military and served in the 282nd Army Band during his enlistment.  Upon discharge from the service he returned to Miami, Florida.  He continues to volunteer as a member of an organization known as “Bugles Across America” sounding Taps at funeral services for Veterans. While pursuing a career in business, he performed with a number of different musical groups including a symphonic band, jazz bands, small combos and a German “Oompah Band”.  Now a resident of Boulder, Colorado, Rich has performed with the Boulder Concert Band, The Boulder Valley Brass, The Joe Diamo Big Band, a rock and roll band known as “The Bandits” and The Boulder Big Band.  Rich has been in the witness protection program for several years, so we are not really sure if that is his real name.

 Lane Lee - Trumpet

Suave and debonair, Lane plays a nasty St. Louis Blues solo and has the look of the football quarterback that all of the cheerleaders dream about. Whenever the band does any kind of advertising, it's always Lane's pictures that we try to feature most prominently. Because most of the rest of us look like offensive linemen, and nobody wants to see pics of linemen.
 Joyce Shambaugh - Trumpet

Joyce also plays in the Longmont Concert Band.
   Ken Eastman - Trumpet

Ken is a native New Yorker, and has been in Colorado for over 20 years. He grew up in the era of trumpet greats such as Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen, and was inspired by them and others. Ken started playing gigs with a 4-piece combo, and then went to a band that played charts by “Chicago”. He later had an opportunity to join “Bob January and the Original Swing Era Big Band” in the NY metropolitan area. He also played in pit orchestras for local musicals, and enjoyed playing with a polka band. As an engineer, Ken keeps the trumpet as a pastime. He eventually joined his company’s employee band, playing both big band and concert music.

After moving to Colorado, Ken primarily kept up his trumpet playing at church. The music is diverse, ranging from Traditional to Latin, African, Jazz, and Gospel. He also has been part of their yearly music festivals, bringing in guest leaders and musicians. Ken was looking to get back with a band that played regularly, and found the Boulder Big Band! It’s good to be back with the big band style of music and play with a great group of musicians.

 Steve Matteson - Trumpet

There once was an X-Files episode called Unrequited where Mulder & Scully were trying to catch an assassin who was an expert at hiding in people's visual blind spots. As soon as they spotted him, he'd instantly disappear. Steve receives royalties for being the inspiration for this character. If you're very astute you'll occasionally catch a flash of him at a rehearsal or gig, then poof! He claims that the reason for this is that he travels extensively, but we all know the truth (is out there)!

 Sheri VandeRiet - Alto Saxophone, Musical Director

Sheri is the lead saxophone player and is the musical director of the band.  Now that her kids are grown Sheri has the time to help run the band.  Sheri also plays in the Boulder Concert Band.  During the day you can find her working at the Apple Computer store in Boulder.  Even with all of this she still has time for the grandkids when they come to visit.
 Mike Tupper - Alto Saxophone & Clarinet

Mike's interest in big band jazz was started when part of the award winning and national recognized Hall High Jazz Band (, West Hartford, CT. A mechanical engineer, Mike is a co-founder of Nishati, Inc. a company focused on specialized solar energy equipment where we strive to improve lives and increase mission effectiveness of our commercial and military customers in the US, India and in several countries on the African continent.

Living in the Boulder area since the early 1990’s, Mike has been a part of the Boulder Big Band almost since its inception. The BBB is a great opportunity to continue playing big band music. There is a great chemistry within the BBB whether just working up a new chart or playing for audiences across the front range. Nothing makes the band swing better than when the audience gets up and dances along with us.

 Tony Guillen - Tenor Saxophone

Tony is the greatest tenor sax player. Ever. Anywhere. Stan Getz, Tex Beneke, Boots Randolph, Branford Marsalis ... amateurs. Tony is better than all of them. Period. If you think you're better, you're wrong. Take a big swig of reality juice, and put that in your pipe and smoke it.

 Michael Bauer - Tenor Saxophone

Michael started playing saxophone in 7th grade in the school concert band. In high school he also started playing in the Stage Band.  For a career Michael decided to become an electrical engineer and work with microchip design, computer programming, and cloud computing server farm architectures.  Music became his hobby.  Michael currently plays "Classical" music with the Boulder Concert Band and "Big Band" music with the Boulder Big Band.

 Barbara Christopher-Monserud - Bari Saxophone, Physical Librarian

Barbara Christopher was born in Seattle, Washington and is married to Jim Monserud, trombonist in the Boulder Big Band.  She has played the saxophone since the summer after 9th grade, when she got her first tenor.  Barbara has a BA in Music from Florida State University, where she studied saxophone with Patrick Meighan and also studied proofreading.  She worked in the proofreading field for years before switching to teaching private music lessons.  She lived and worked in Philadelphia after college and moved out to Colorado in 1992 because she had liked it here on a college camping trip across the United States.  Besides playing bari sax in the Boulder Big Band, Barbara plays alto, tenor, or bari sax (and occasionally clarinet) in the Crystal Swing Band, High Plain Stompers (a ragtime orchestra), Boulder Concert Band, Longmont Concert Band, and Fort Morgan Community College Big Band.

 Jim Monserud - Trombone

The current world record holder for shooting fleas off of a dog's ear using a .44, Jim "The Trombone Bum" Monserud is the improv specialist of the BBB trombone section. His moniker comes from the fact that his house is so full of guns that he can't fit into it anymore, and as such has to sleep outside in his clothes. Under bridges, on park benches, inside cardboard boxes ... you name it, Jim can sleep on/in/under/on top of it in his clothes.

 George Noyes - Trombone

Every musical team needs an engineer who can be blamed for all kinds of musical faux pas, and George is that guy for the BBB! George's education includes a Masters in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and a career in Magnetic Recording, Weather Radar and Plasma Generators (all Left Brain activities).  Right Brain activities include 18 years in the Boulder Big Band, past member of the UMass Jazz Ensemble, past member in SEMSBA orchestra, co-founder of the Bridgewater Antiphonal Brass Society (featuring Baroque and Renaissance music), multiple community bands, and occasional painting.
 Mike Roper - Trombone

The BBB has the honor of being the 1000th ensemble that Mike has ever played with! Mike no longer carries a mouthpiece with his instrument because he plays so much trombone that his lips and lower jaw have long ago deformed into the exact shape of a Schilke 51C4. He opens or puckers depending on the shank size of the horn he's playing at the time. The photo at left was taken prior to this deformity.
 John G. Adams - Bass Trombone, Business Manager

John grew up in Parker, Colorado and began playing trombone at age 11. He graduated from high school in 1992 as the trombone section leader and two time 3A state champion for the Ponderosa High School "Mustang" Marching Band. John attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he majored in Aerospace Engineering and was a three year section leader for the CU "Golden Buffalo" Marching Band. In college John also pursued a B.A. in Performance Trombone for a few years under the instruction of Prof. Bill Stanley. Although he didn't complete the degree, through it he discovered a passion for playing bass trombone, and that has been his primary instrument ever since. After college, John joined the Boulder Concert Band where he has been a fixture at bass trombone since 1998. John had a brief stint playing tenor trombone with the Serenade In Blue Swing Band in 2007, and went on to join the Boulder Big Band in 2008 as the bass trombonist.

John enjoys his career as a software systems engineer with Raytheon, and is honored to have the role of Business Manager for the Boulder Big Band. He and his wife Danelle live in Erie with their son Jack and daughter Brooke.

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 TBD - Piano

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 Michael Bloch - Guitar

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 TBD - Bass

 Sky Canyon - Vibraphone

Sky Canyon began playing music at age 8; he was principal percussionist in his junior and senior high school orchestras. At age 13, upon hearing Lionel Hampton with the Benny Goodman Quartet, Sky became hooked on the vibraphone, and had the privilege of studying personally with noted vibraphone great, Terry Gibbs.

As a student at UC Santa Cruz in the early 70s, Sky played jazz with local musicians, and was principal percussionist in the University Orchestra as well as the Santa Cruz County Symphony. After college, Sky shifted gears and formed an all-originals rock band in the Bay Area. Experimenting with the fledgling field of new age music in the later 70s, Sky co-founded Rising Sun Records, a pioneering new age music label. Sky grew the company to international distribution, licensing and national radio coverage on over 500 stations.

Through the 90s, Sky was the drummer in an eight-piece band in the Aspen area, playing corporate events, weddings and other private gigs. Moving to Boulder in 2000, he also moved back over to vibraphone, playing a variety of trio and quartet gigs as well as occasional recording sessions.  He’s now been with the Boulder Big Band for over three years.

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 Tober Schorr - Drums