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إظهار 4 عنصرًا/عناصر
Beller, Susan Cadets At War: The True Story of Teenage Heroism at the Battle of New Market The story of 280 schoolboys who fought during the Civil War to stop the Union troops. 
Banks, Lynne Reid Mystery of the Cupboard After moving to a home his mother recently inherited, Omri uncovers the mystery of the house and its link to a magic cupboard. A sequel to Indian in the Cupboard 
Armstrong, Jennifer Steal Away Two women, one white and one black, tell the story of their escape from a southern farm during the 1850s and of their difficult journey north to freedom. 
Alexander, Lloyd  The Arkadians Three Arkadians wander through a fantasy land from one misadventure to another. An out-of-work bean counter, a young woman of mysterious talents, and a poet try to escape the wicked King Bromios and his crooked soothsayers. 
إظهار 4 عنصرًا/عناصر