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Teaching (and Other School-Related Activities)

**This page is a bit outdated due to UTPA's transition to UTRGV.  I'll get it back up to date as soon as possible!**

Current students can check their official class website on Blackboard.

For those not currently enrolled in a course with me:
  • Are you an economics student at UTPA?
  • Are you a student at UTPA who is interested in economics?
  • Do you like having fun?
  • Do you like pizza?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, or if you're just extra curious now, you should check out the UTPA Economics Society.

If you've already taken courses with me, you should know about the Economics Society already!

In conjunction with the Economics Society, I was also the faculty advisor for UTPA's Up to Us team in 2014 (see also here).  If you're interested in aliens, oranges, or getting more of an idea of what our campaign was about, check out our video on YouTube.  We also (with the help of several awesome theater majors) produced what many people still consider to be the greatest play ever to deal with the topic of the national debt

The Debt Ultimatum

How awesome was our campaign?  Awesome enough to win the whole competition!