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For an abbreviated summary, most of my background and accomplishments so far are contained in my cv (below).

In terms of interests, I love economics and there are few aspects of it that I'm not interested in--at least a little.  Due to inevitable scarcities of time and attention, of course, my work focus is much more narrow.

The two biggest themes in my research are:
  1. Matching.  The process by which two sides of a market come together to form economic relationships.
  2. Contests.  Theoretical models of how individuals exert effort while competing for scarce prizes.
In general I study how the rules of these types of competitive settings--matching processes, allocation procedures, contests, and other mechanisms for making social choices--affect the welfare of the participants involved.  More specifically, I often focus on which types of social welfare criteria are and are not compatible with one another given a social rule or a set of rules.  Occasionally I even consider how contest and matching procedures together can influence macroeconomic outcomes. 

Refereed Journal Articles

  • ``Social Choice Violations in Rank Sum Scoring: A Formalization of Conditions and Corrective Probability Computations,'' (2014) with J. Ehrlich, S. Sanders, and A. Winn, Mathematical Social Sciences, 71, 20-29.
  • ``What Price Stability?  Social Welfare in Matching Markets,'' (2014) with V. Knoblauch, Mathematical Social Sciences, 67 (1), 27-33.
  • ``Preferences and the Price of Stability in Matching Markets,'' (2013) with V. Knoblauch, Theory and Decision, 74 (4), 565-589.
  • ``On the Evolution of Prize Perceptions in Contests,'' (2012) with N. Shunda, Economics Letters, 116 (3), 498-501.
  • ``Dividing Profits Three Ways:  Exactness vs. Consensuality,'' (2011) with V. Knoblauch, Mathematical Social Sciences, 62 (2), 79-86.
  • ``A Note on the Efficiency and Fairness of Decentralized Matching,'' (2011) Operations Research Letters, 39 (4), 231-233.
  • ``All-Pay Auctions with Discrete Action Spaces,'' (2011) Applied Economics Letters, 18 (2), 161-162.
  • ``Stratification and Growth in Agent-Based Matching Markets,'' (2010) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 75 (2), 168-179.
  • ``Marriage Matching with Intercorrelated Preferences,'' (2010) with V. Knoblauch, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 12 (3), 587-602.
  • ``Preference Structure and Random Paths to Stability in Matching Markets,'' (2008) Economics Bulletin, 3 (67), 1-12.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • ``An Exploration into Why Some Matchings are More Likely than Others,'' (2012) Proceedings of MATCH-UP 2012:  the Second International Workshop on Matching Under Preferences, 39-50.

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • ``All-Pay Auctions with Regret," with N. Shunda.
  • ``Competing Contests with Reimbursements," with N. Shunda and S. Sanders.
  • ``Why are some matchings more likely than others?''
  • ``Traditional vs. Real-Time Teaching Evaluations:  Truth, Usefulness, and the Incentive Structure for Student Participation,'' with C. Jeffords.
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