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For an abbreviated summary, most of my background and accomplishments so far are contained in my cv (below).

In terms of interests, I love economics and there are few aspects of it that I'm not interested in, at least to some degree.  Due to inevitable scarcities of time and attention, of course, my work focus is more narrow.

The two biggest themes in my research are game theory and social choice.  Loosely speaking, I like to examine how the rules of competitive or group decision settings--for example specific scoring rules in sports, voting rules, auction or other market rules-- impact the behavior of individuals involved, and/or the possibilities for outcomes in terms of different welfare criteria.  In terms of methodology I'm a theorist but often use simulation methods to support my work, along with lab or field experiments whenever possible.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • ``The likelihood of social choice violations in rank sum scoring: algorithms and evidence from NCAA cross country running,'' (2018) with J. Ehrlich, Mian Raza, and S. Sanders, Public Choice,174, (3–4), 219–238.
  • ``Cycles in Team Tennis and Other Paired-Element Contests,'' (2017) with S. Sanders and J. Ehrlich, Games, 8 (3), 27. (open access)
  • ``A Marriage Matching Mechanism Menagerie,'' (2017) with V. Knoblauch, Operations Research Letters, 45 (1), 68-71.
  • ``Sequential Auctions with Budget Constraints:  Evidence from Fantasy Basketball Auction Drafts," (2016) with N. Shunda, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 62, 8-22. (Data below.)
  • ``Social networks and Black–White differentials in public employment agency usage among mature job seekers,'' (2016) with M. Mora and A. Davila, Annals of Regional Science, 56 (2), 433-448. 
  • ``Choosing 'Flawed' Aggregation Rules:  The Benefit of Social Choice Violations in a League that Values Competitive Balance,'' (2015) with S. Sanders, Economics Letters, 137, 106-108.
  • ``Social Choice Violations in Rank Sum Scoring: A Formalization of Conditions and Corrective Probability Computations,'' (2014) with J. Ehrlich, S. Sanders, and A. Winn, Mathematical Social Sciences, 71, 20-29.
  • ``What Price Stability?  Social Welfare in Matching Markets,'' (2014) with V. Knoblauch, Mathematical Social Sciences, 67 (1), 27-33.
  • ``Preferences and the Price of Stability in Matching Markets,'' (2013) with V. Knoblauch, Theory and Decision, 74 (4), 565-589.
  • ``On the Evolution of Prize Perceptions in Contests,'' (2012) with N. Shunda, Economics Letters, 116 (3), 498-501.
  • ``Dividing Profits Three Ways:  Exactness vs. Consensuality,'' (2011) with V. Knoblauch, Mathematical Social Sciences, 62 (2), 79-86.
  • ``A Note on the Efficiency and Fairness of Decentralized Matching,'' (2011) Operations Research Letters, 39 (4), 231-233.
  • ``All-Pay Auctions with Discrete Action Spaces,'' (2011) Applied Economics Letters, 18 (2), 161-162.
  • ``Stratification and Growth in Agent-Based Matching Markets,'' (2010) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 75 (2), 168-179.
  • ``Marriage Matching with Intercorrelated Preferences,'' (2010) with V. Knoblauch, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 12 (3), 587-602.
  • ``Preference Structure and Random Paths to Stability in Matching Markets,'' (2008) Economics Bulletin, 3 (67), 1-12.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • ``An Exploration into Why Some Matchings are More Likely than Others,'' (2012) Proceedings of MATCH-UP 2012:  the Second International Workshop on Matching Under Preferences, 39-50.

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • ``All-Pay Auctions with Regret," with N. Shunda.
  • ``Competing Contests with Reimbursements," with N. Shunda and S. Sanders.
  • ``Why are some matchings more likely than others?''
  • ``Traditional vs. Real-Time Teaching Evaluations:  Truth, Usefulness, and the Incentive Structure for Student Participation,'' with C. Jeffords.
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