Digital Products Developpement Project Manager at JCDecaux SA

April 2012 - December 2014   Plaisir, 78, France

Coordination of the development of Digital Products within the JCDecaux group’s technical department and external vendors.
My main responsibilities were to:
- Work with the Digital Media Deputy Director and the Corporate Project team to define the R&D department and the IT roadmap for Digital Products development. These Digital products made up the JCDecaux Catalogue to be used by the local business units for their Digital deployment.
- Write requirements for each product to be developed, insure proper communication and coordinate the actions of the different stake holders: Corporate R&D Department (mechanical, electrical and electronic), IT Corporate, Purchasing and any hardware or technology supplier. Maintains global planning and arbitrates development priorities.
- Write the Digital products Technical Description used in the tenders or in the commercial offers. Write the Technical Operation Manual used by the local Operation teams to operate the Digital products.
- Organize the validation tests of the Digital products in relation with the R&D department and the IT Corp.
- Competitive intelligence and market watch. Monitor industry technical blogs and keep informed of existing Digital product deployments and of any future potential interesting technology.
Company Website: JCDecaux SA

Software Engineer at TactiNeo

October 2010 - March 2012   Paris, 75, France

Conception and realization of application for touch screens.
R&D concentrated on new user experiences.
Technologies: C#, WPF, MEF, WCF, Async Pattern, Surface, XAML, XML, Drupal, MySQL, Apache
My main responsibilities were to:
- Manage projects with the different accounts, manage the client relation and external stake holders
- Write functional and technical specifications for each product to developed, Mock-up of user interfaces to be developed
- Conceive and develop the new product to be deployed for our customers
- Conceive and develop the common back-end (including statistical reports, dynamic and real-time update of the front-end …)
- R&D on ergonomics, new user experiences with touch screens’ products, Develop prototypes
Company Website: none

Research Assistant at Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, NYU-Poly

September 2009 - May 2010   Brooklyn, NY, USA

Emotive Associations: Development of a public interactive installation designed to store and to analyze user inputs. These describe the affective coherence between images and sounds.
Technologies: Max/MSP Jitter, OpenGL, MySQL
University Website: BXMC

Integrated Digital Media Student at Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, NYU-Poly

December 2008 - June 2010   Brooklyn, NY, USA

Betaville: Conception and realization of an online and collaborative 3D environment for educational and community participation in urban design and public art.
Technologies: Java, JMonkeyEngine, FengGUI, OpenGL, MySql
University Website: BXMC

Integrated Digital Media Student at Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, NYU-Poly

December 2008
  Brooklyn, NY, USA

vBrooklyn: (video festival of Brooklyn – NY, USA), pre and post performances Interactive installation using motion tracking and videos.
Technologies: Max/MSP Jitter
University Website: BXMC

Intern at oXya

Summer 2008
  Ecully, 69, France

Administration of an Entreprise Portal SAP (NetWeaver 7.0).
Company Website: oXya

Intern at M1i

Summer 2007
  Seynod, 74, France

Realization of a framework for Eclipse RCP and a plug-in using it.
Technologies: Java, XML
Company Website: none

Software Developer at Department UFR SFA - Université de Savoie

Summer 2006
  Technolac 73, France

Redesign of an intranet portal and its data base.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, UML, MySQL
University Website: Université de Savoie

Student Project at Université de Savoie

  Technolac, 73, France

Realization of an embedded application to control an augmented reality game.
Technologies: JavaME
University Website: Université de Savoie

Intern at Department Information Systems - Entremont

Summer 2005
  Annecy, 74, France

Follow-up of the realization of the specifications for an intranet portal
Company Website: Entremont SA


Master’s degree in Integrated Digital Media - Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly)

2008 - 2010
  Brooklyn, NY, USA
University Website: NYU-Poly

Master’s degree in Computer Science - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA)

2006 - 2009
  Lyon, 69, France
University Website: INSA de Lyon

Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technologies - Université de Savoie

2003 - 2006
  Technolac, 73, France
University Website: Université de Savoie


 Digital Media  WPF / Surface, Max/MSP Jitter, OpenGL, Web integration and design
      Analysis:  UML, MCD (Merise - relational data base), Design Pattern MVC, MVVM, Async
      Web:  PHP, Ajax programming, XML, design CSS, HTML
      Languages:  C#, C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, SHELL (UNIX), CAML, PASCAL, DELPHI, Assembler
 Operations Systems  Windows, Mac, Unix
 Data Bases  Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
 Networks  Architecture LAN (Ethernet)
 Tools  Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, SAP, Eclipse, Together, Rose UML Modeler, Visual Studio


English  Bilingual proficiency
French  Native proficiency
Spanish  Elementary proficiency
 Elementary proficiency


Interactive playground, Piano, Books, Movies, Hiking, ...


M. Lemancel → Deputy Director of R&D Department - JCDecaux SA

            Ask me for my letter of recommendation from JCDecaux SA

M. Skelton → Director of BXMC - NYU-Poly