Research Projects

Our main research themes are listed below.  For more information on any of the projects below see recent publications or contact the PI (Contact Us link on the left).

Current Themes

  • Catalysis.  Study of catalytic reactions in operating reactors and development of new catalysts.
  • Molecular Imaging.  In vivo imaging with molecular-specific information is achieved through the development of molecular imaging probes based on parahydrogen induced polarization.
  • Condensed Matter and Topological Materials.  Materials with electronic properties of a topological nature can exhibit exotic properties. We are studying surface and bulk properties using magnetic resonance techniques developed specifically for this purpose.
  • Drug Delivery.  We develop nanoconstructs for efficient, time-released or on-demand delivery of anticancer drugs. The probes are non-toxic and can be tracked in real time using multiple modalities.
  • Bioreactors.  In collaboration with Prof. Iruela-Arispe, we develop neovascular technology capable of supporting the growth of tissues in 3D.  Our group focuses on the development of bioreactors and imaging methods to probe tissue growth in real time.
  • Computational and Algorithm Development.  Our experiments often reach limits in terms of SNR, distortion or controllability.  We develop novel computational techniques and computer algorithm to solve the most difficult problems, such as noise removal, image reconstruction, and inverse problems in feedback control loops.  


In addition to using standard techniques such as electron transport, STM, AFM, TEM, optical or acoustic spectroscopies we are developing magnetic spin resonance methods (e.g., nuclear, electron, muon) as applied to the systems of interest.  The spin resonance techniques tend to be mostly nondestructive and minimally invasive.