Our group does research in various subfields of physical chemistry ranging from catalysis to biomedicine.  We specialize in the development of measurement techniques and methodologies applied to chemical systems and condensed matter systems.  One unifying theme has been the development of magnetic resonance technology.  The measurement techniques, schemes and methodologies we develop focus on probing the properties of matter, their various phases and transformations.  We are generally interested in chemical structure, biological, static and nonequilibrium (e.g. transport) electronic and magnetic properties.

Current Projects

At present, our research themes cover heterogeneous catalysis, molecular imaging, drug delivery, bioreactors, condensed matter studies of topological materials. In heterogeneous catalysis we develop and study reaction mechanisms involving new catalysts from fundamental science to reaction engineering, with a strong emphasis on the development of operando techniques. We also work in condensed matter physics, develop probes for molecular imaging, drug delivery systems for multi-modality imaging and theranostics, solid-state nanoscale magnetometry, bioengineering technique development for regenerative medicine. We have also been developing methodology for correlated optical and electron microscopy in live cells.

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