Welcome to the ECE65 (Components and Circuits Laboratory) course website for the Winter quarter 2015. Through this portal you can find important announcements about the course, details of the course structure, lecture slides, background materials, and contact details for both myself and the Teaching Assistants.

CAPE ASSESSMENTS: The Course and Professor Evaluation for ECE65 open on on May 28. 

COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE: A google form for you to anonymously evaluate the course is available HERE .  Information from this form only comes directly to me, so please feel free to make any comment you wish.


QUIZ 3 will be on Thursday May 28 during the lecture. 
This will cover material from all lectures. You will be permitted to bring notes on a double-sided letter sized sheet (hand-written or printed), and the Amp Summary.pdf file from the Additional Course Notes (no additional notes on this please).

UCSD is closed on Mon, May 25th for Memorial Day. 
If you have a lab session on this day, it is cancelled and you will not be required to complete Lab 7. You will be graded on Labs 1-6 only. If you have time, I highly recommend you attempt Lab 7 in week 10.